All In The Logo

I am in the process of revamping my logo. I want my potted boxwood to reflect everything that my taste and posts represent. Recently, I just saw a preview of my new logo and I can’t wait to reveal it to all of you! I have many reasons why I named my blog The Potted Boxwood. I had this obsession with potted boxwood for some time,  I just had trouble growing real boxwood and then making preserved boxwood work outside (it doesn’t!).  Boxwood was a word that always rolled off my tongue, but it didn’t seem worthy of anything more than that.

It wasn’t until I decided to make the plunge into the blog world that the name resurfaced. I had a completely different name picked out, but as soon as I said the first name I realized it lacked oomph and enthusiasm. I was out to lunch with friends and I turned to my friend Ashley and told her my new blog name. I could read from her expression that she wasn’t thrilled. I took another sip of my skinny margarita and “the potted boxwood” slipped off of my tongue. It clicked with her and it clicked with me. It was truly an “aha” moment. If you are reading this blog, you get it. It is a symbol of chic. I feel every so often I need to remind myself of why a potted boxwood is so fabulous. I think these images can say it for me.

All photos via Pinterest.


Potted Boxwood11  Potted Boxwood 15 Potted Boxwood 14 Potted Boxwood 13 Potted Boxwood 12 Potted Boxwood 11 Potted Boxwood 10 Potted Boxwood 9 Potted Boxwood 7 Potted Boxwood 6 Potted Boxwood 5 Potted Boxwood 4 Potted Boxwood 3 Potted Boxwood 2 Potted Boxwood Potted Boxwood 17 Potted Boxwood 8