Private Benjamin

There is such a thing as over decorating. It looks something like the type of thing you see in a model unit for a spec house. They call it staging for a reason, it is all pretend and not livable. It is often too fluffy, too hip, too pillowed, too trendy, and just too much to deal with.  It lacks character, fluidity, and all things charming. I have been looking at places to move to all weekend, so forgive me for this rant. This house hunting process makes it all the more refreshing when I come across designers who have the ideal balance of texture, charm, and chic. One designer who embodies all these things and who has caught my eye is the talented Benjamin Dhong.

Dhong creates a timeless and classic ambience with all of his spaces. He masters the ability to layer, add color and have a little fun. His work has a splash of enthusiasm and a hint of classic restraint. Mondays shouldn’t have to be boring and predictable, and neither does design.

Photos by Lisa Romerein via House Beautiful.

Benjamin Dhong Design 6

This photo literally makes my heart skip a beat. The open shelving, the striped rug, the marble island. LOVE it all.


Benjamin Dhong Design 4

I love the eclectic atmosphere off of the kitchen. A lovely little nook upholstered in yellow and so much natural light. Benjamin Dhong Design 5

Notice the paneling in this bathroom. So rare to see such wide planks, yet it works so well to keep the bathroom current. A great sink area.

Benjamin Dhong Design 7

That mirrored screen wall is the foundation for this bedroom. A true highlight.

Benjamin Dhong Design

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 1

Now that chair is a conversation starter. I really love the key lining on the curtains.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 2

Full of character and comfortable class.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 3

A refreshing take on toile. There really isn’t anything I don’t like in this dining room. While the two tone texture of the chairs is a little out of my comfort zone, it all compliments each other so well. Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 4 Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 5

Shades of green and an abundance of texture and layers. How fabulous!

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 6

A muted bedroom that speaks so loudly when it comes to serenity and tranquility.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 7

Benjamin adds architecturally significant elements at every corner. Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 8

A masculine room of twin beds with superb blue and white incorporated.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 9

More blue and white used in this more feminine twin bedroom. Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling. Like a chic jewel box.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 10

I spy potted boxwood. I wish more people would use it indoors. It is so versatile and makes such a statement. P.S. don’t forget to notice the use of that same mirrored screen

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful 11

An open and exquisite kitchen that almost feels like it belongs on a garden terrace.

Benjamin Dhong via House Beautiful

Green velvet and hues of yellow. A lovely beamed ceiling.