Falling Into October

Well, the time has come to get on board with the holiday train. October is the month where all of the festivities officially begin. Get your pumpkins carved today because tomorrow you will need your grocery list for Thanksgiving, and the next day it will be time for your Christmas list shopping. While in the midst of this madness, I need to move as well. I am taking a tiny step out of condo living and inching more towards townhouse lifestyle. A backyard, a fireplace, another room to decorate…..I think Emmie and I can use a little more room and a little more quiet. This also gives me the opportunity for a front door step, which is a whole other space to decorate that leaves me more excited than one should be (it is the little things right?).

When the holidays come around, the front door becomes a true symbol of your holiday style. From wreaths to potted arrangements, this area is the first symbol of your taste in decor. Of course, the most classic and simple route is to put two potted boxwood out front and call it a day. It is also fun to add a little seasonal flair. I think October 1st is the best time to do that, and I think these images can inspire you to get your outdoor entry prepared for the perfect curb appeal.


Ortanmental Cabbage with Boxwood and Spider Web

A picture I took last fall in Manhattan of a festive sidewalk display. I love the ornamental cabbage with the boxwood and the spider web across the sphere. Photo by yours truly.

Fall door decor

A fantastic mix of boxwood, mums and pumpkins. Via The Yellow Cape CodFall door decor via Veranda

A little bit of hay and a whole lot of color. This is definitely a treat for the season. Via Veranda

NYC Haloween Decor by The Potted Boxwood

A photo I took last fall on the upper east side. It is also a secondary residence of a very design oriented Dallas couple. Photo via The Potted Boxwood

Pumpkin and boxwood door decor

I love it when I see compacted displays of pumpkins, gords, and flowers. The more you can pack in, the better! Via Pinterest

NYC townhouse Haloween decor via The Potted Boxwood

Quite the spooky display on this NYC townhouse. If you don’t have a backyard, you may as well have some fun by the front. Photo via The Potted Boxwood

Pumpkin porch decor via The Lush List

I adore this chic pumpkin display by Alicia of The Lush List. Check out her post on fabulous fall decor.

Pupmkin trellis topiary with mums via Flickr

These are incredible! Oversized planters and trellis full of pumpkins and gourds. A great image of fall. Va Flickr

Scary NYC Haloween Decor via The Potted Boxwood

Superbly spooky in the most tasteful way possible (in my opinion!). Photo by The Potted Boxwood