Amazing Gracie

There are many required necessities for my ideal home. Notice how I said “ideal” instead of “realistic.” While I enjoy high-rise city living, I have a vivid vision of my perfect house. White painted brick, black high-gloss front door, potted boxwoods galore, green velvet sofa, Calacatta marble in a white kitchen, and….Gracie wallpaper.

I wish I could pinpoint when I was first graced by Gracie, I am only sure I knew of it’s existence by name around the beginning of college. There is something so special about Gracie’s hand-painted chinoiserie, floral, and landscape designs and the way they dress up the most beautiful dining rooms, bedrooms, powder rooms, and entries. Gracie wallpaper is timelessly used in spaces both traditional and trendy. While nothing beats a room covered in Gracie from floor to ceiling, wallpaper panels are also a smart way to keep your favorite Gracie custom pattern from house to house, space to space. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Here are some gorgeous rooms that are full of amazing Gracie.

Blue Gracie Dining Room by Thad Hayes via Paris Apartment

While Gracie is used in many different rooms of the house, I see it most commonly used in dining rooms. Who wouldn’t want to eat with gorgeous hand-painted wallpaper surrounding you?! It is also very versatile for seasonal meals. Let me know how your summer luncheon goes in your red dining room…. Designed by Thad Hayes via The Paris Apartment

Dining room with  Orange Gracie Panels by Jamie Herzlinger

These orange Gracie panels pack a punch in this elegant dining area by Jamie Herzlinger. Photo source: Home Portfolio

gravie wallpaper in dining via Luxe

Another beautiful Gracie pattern that illuminates in the natural light. All of the patterns are so incredibly detailed and customized…swoon! Photo source: Luxe Source

Gracie Wallpaper Screen via Luxe Interiors and Design via Tory Burch

Let’s take a moment to admire the floors, as well as the shades of green and white. Then, let’s applaud them for being smart enough to put that gorgeous Gracie on a screen. Screens are really effective and luxurious, especially for scaling down big walls or large spaces. My family has always loved them. Photo source: Luxe Source

Mark D Sikes Dining Room via Lonny

The original dining room in the fabulous home of Mark D. Sikes. To see the updated version, pick up the July-August issue of Veranda. Oh, and pick up at least two copies- it is THAT good of an issue! Between the blue and white porcelain and the blue and white Gracie, I couldn’t love this room more (I may even like it better than the redo..there, I said it!). Photo source: Lonny Magazine

Dining room by Hillary Thomas with Gracie Wallpaper

This attractive dining room designed by Hillary Thomas has such a current and glamorous Gracie design.

Aerin Lauder Gracie via Dec a porter

Style maker Aerin Lauder appears once again in her incredibly chic closet. One of the most iconic Gracie patterns. Photo by Christopher Sturman for Elle Magazine

Gracie ceiling by Jennifer Mehditash for Ronald McDonald Showhouse

Jennifer Meditash uses blue Gracie on the ceiling in this room in the Ronald McDonald showhouse.

Gracie dining room with Chandelier via Pinterest

This wonderful green Gracie adds the right amount of color to this neutral dining room. Definitely a more modern room, but the Gracie blends perfectly. Photo source: Pinterest

Gracie Entry via Janet Rice

This highly detailed, yet simplistic version of Gracie leaves this hallway/entry feeling very glam. Design by Janet Rice.

Alexa Hampton Gracie Wallpaper via Quintessence

Gracie adorns this dramatic and sophisticated room by Alexa Hampton at Hight Point’s Hickory Chair. Photo source: Quintessence 

Dining room with Gracie via a little book of secrets

Many people use neutral paint to let colors, like the lavender in the chairs and the hint of blue and white curtains, pop. This Gracie allows the colors to shine, without sacrificing the interest of the walls. Photo source: The Little Book of Secrets 

Gracie Guest Bath via AD

This guest bath has a beautiful contrasting Gracie with a pop of pretty color. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Gracie Hallway with Blue Chairs by Miles Redd via Veranda

Miles Redd designed this stunning stately hallway with classic Gracie and blue velvet chairs. Lovely! Photo source: Veranda

Gracie in a room designed by Bunny Williams via AD

This soft and elegant bedroom designed by Bunny Williams uses a very delicate Gracie. You can hardly tell it is there! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Gracie in teh powder room by Ivt de Leon Design by Shawn Henderson

A lovely little half-bath with a delightful patterned Gracie. I think it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite pattern! Photo and design from Shawn Henderson.

Gracie Powder Room via AD

A more traditional powder room with gold and silvery blue Gracie wallpaper. Photo source: Architectural Digest. 

Gracie wallpaper at Bergdorf Goodman's designed by Kelly Wearstler

Ladies who lunch will never tire of the famous restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman designed by Kelly Wearstler. A gorgeous Gracie compliments the powder blue leather chairs.

Gracie Wallpaper bedroom by Mario Buatta via AD

I adore this Gracie shade of green. The color has a layered feel, almost like the paint you find in Italy. A bold choice for a bedroom, but the green and white contrast is so classically fresh. Designed by Mario Buatta, featured in Architectural Digest.

David Easton Gracie Stairway

This entry by David Easton reminds me of a more country-club like version Blair Waldorf’s NYC apartment (Gossip Girl anyone?). Here, Gracie wallpaper is used on a large scale. I love the terra cotta potted flowers on the entry table.

Jan Showers Gracie Wallpaper

Jan Showers has mastered the art of understated glamor. This Gracie dining room is the perfect backdrop for her signature chandelier. Photo Source: Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers

Gracie Wallpaper in desk nook of Chicago Dream Home

The more modern light fixture and sleek interiors compliment this delicate Gracie used in the transitional nook in the Chicago Dream House. Photo source: Pinterest

Gracie Wallpaper in the dining room via Lonny

A more scenic landscape pattern on this exquisite Gracie in a dining room designed by John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon featured in Lonny Magazine.

Gracie wallpaper in the laundry via DC Design House 2009

Laundry is a necessity of life, so why not do it in a room that makes you feel happy and inspired. I love wallpaper in small spaces. Photo and design in the 2009 DC Design House

Gracie Wallpaper in the Ritz Carlton Condo designed by Laura Hunt via The Glam Pad

I was fortunate enough to be at the grand opening of this condo at the Ritz Carlton Dallas designed by Laura Hunt. It really is incredible inside! While I love the gray scaled Gracie, I especially admired the gray and white striped entry. Photo source: The Glam Pad

Gracie Wallpaper sitting area via NYC Cottages and Gardens

As I mentioned earlier, Gracie panels are so incredibly smart to use in the home, especially if you are highly mobile in you career or have a tendency to house hop. This beautiful seating area designed by Sherrill Canet is featured in New York Cottages and Gardens.

Gracie wallpaper via vtinteriors

I am pretty positive this room would highly encourage wearing loungewear all day and reading magazines in bed until noon. It is so tranquil and relaxing, it would be impossible to feel stressed at the end and beginning of each day. Note- they just used the Gracie on one wall. Sometimes, that is all you need for wallpaper!  Photo source: VT Interiors

Gracie with side table via Luxe Mag

Blue and white Gracie with blue and white lamps. A dreamy entry. PS notice how everyone has those baskets under their tables -look at Mark D. Sikes dining room side table above. I wonder where I can find one?!? Photo source: Luxe Source

Hallway with Gracie by Suzanne McGrath Design via Decorpad

This Gracie has a LOT of personality! The colors in the wallpaper are beautifully bright and perfectly combined. Designed by Suzanne McGrath via Decor Pad.

Hand Painted Trellis Wallpaper by Gracie designed by Bunny Willams via AD

Okay, I’ll admit it…I have seen this dining room about a hundred times and just now discovered it wasn’t actually a trellis on the walls of this breakfast room (I am assuming this room is used for just feels like it should be). Regardless of my now inadequate design eye, this is in fact a custom Gracie wallpaper. Bravo, Gracie…you fooled me! Design by the always remarkable Bunny Williams featured in Architectural Digest.

Tory Burch Gracie Entry via Vogue

A spectacular Gracie entry in the beautiful apartment of Tory Burch at The Pierre. Designed by Daniel Romualdez and featured in Vogue.

Dallas Gracie Dining room designed by Barry Williams via The Potted Boxwood

Last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite dining rooms designed by Barry Williams in a private Dallas residence. Timeless, stunning, and perfect in every way. Photo by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood.