Small Kitchens, Big Design

I often get caught up admiring kitchens that are designed on a grand scale. These kitchens have big islands, beautifully blended refrigerator and freezer doors, as well as ample room for every utensil/pot/pan imaginable. However, if you live in a city apartment or in an older cottage home, chances are there simply is not enough space to install a kitchen fit for a McMansion. Small kitchens are practicable for those who aren’t as talented as Giada with a pan, and they can also pack a big design punch.

Personally, I love galley kitchens. Call me crazy, but I enjoy how they have a hallway feel, like a little nook for cooking and drinking wine under low lighting. When tracing the source of one of my favorite galley kitchens for this post, I realized it was by the same designer, Phillip Mitchell, who I love to follow on Instagram with the most tasteful photos (see directly below). Small kitchens can be beautiful, powerful, and full of good taste- literally! See for yourself…

Phillip Mitchell Kitchen in House and Home

The most tasteful galley kitchen by Phillip Mitchell Design featured in Canadian House & Home. From the chic cabinetry to the floors, it is perfect in every way!

Jean-Louis Denoit Paris Apt via Elle Decor

Silvery gold hammered cabinets in the Parisian apartment of Jean-Louis Deniot.  Cabinets look best when they go up to the ceiling, especially in small spaces. Photo source: Elle Decor

via Shelterness

A wonderful wall of white kitchen. If you are all about takeout, this is all you need! Photo source: Fresh Home.

Contemporary White Kitchen via homedit

I always like to incorporate photos that are a little different from my taste, but still worthy of design admiration. This little white kitchen is full of bright color and contemporary design. Photo source: Home Edit

Galley Kitchen via Pinterest

This galley kitchen oozes charm. I love the marble-like subway tile and black and cream floors. Photo source: Pinterest

Hairsylist Guido Palau's Duplex Apartment via AD

Sleek and sophisticated cabinets with dark walls in Guido Palau’s Manhattan apartment make this the perfect kitchen for a modern space. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Green kitchen via home design love

Notice how the back-insides of the cabinets are mirrored. I think that is super sleek. Oh, and the cabinets are green in case you didn’t notice that either… Photo source: Home Design Love

Navy Kitchen by T. Keller Donovan on Elle Decor

Horrible clarity on this image, but I could not go without posting this blue and white wonder. The open shelving really saves space and allows to showcase the beautiful porcelain china. Photo source: Elle Decor

large galley kitchen via Alexa Hampton Decorating in Detail

A light and airy galley kitchen by Alexa Hampton that could go contemporary or classic. Nothing to tire of in here. Photo source: Alexa Hampton: Decorating in Detail

Kitchen by Kelly Wearstler via WSJ  

If you couldn’t already tell by the picture, Kelly Wearstler designed this fabulous mid-century modern kitchen full of detail, contrast, and texture. Photo source: Wall Street Journal

Manhattan Sleek Kitchen by Smith Firestone Associates via Home Adore

Another galley kitchen full of light and glossy white. As you will see, having a mirrored backsplash is a common trait in small kitchen spaces. It helps open the space. Kitchen by Smith Firestone Associates on Home Adore. 

Miles Redd small green kitchen

Never a dull moment with Miles Redd. This vivid green lacquered kitchen is no exception. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Michael S Smith Galley Kitchen

A wonderfully wide galley kitchen in a home designed by Michael S Smith.

Open Sleving Kitchen in Domino

The gold hardware pops on these cloudy gray cabinets. To see more of this kitchen (okay, not that small) designed by chef Ali Cayne visit Domino.

Mirrored Backsplash makes this kitchen feel better

Again, a mirrored backsplash opens up this small kitchen nook. I love the space for the cookbooks by the stove- smart! Photo source: Pinterest

Arthur Dunnam's Manhattan Apartment in AD

Mirrored backsplash and black cabinets in Arthur Dunnam’s kitchen make for a refined and modern look. Photo source: Architectural Digest 

Small Galley Kitchen via Trendir

I don’t think two people could pass each other in this galley, but the cut of marble, the chic hardware, and the gold fixture really make this space work. Photo source: Tendir

Small kitchen via pinterest

A window in a small kitchen definitely helps brighten the space. Why focus on adding color when your kitchen appliances can do that for you?! Photo source: Pinterest

Steel Galley Kitchen with Wood Floors

I love the industrial feel of this space, and the use of open shelving. Despite it’s size, I bet some serious cooking takes place in here. Photo source: Pinterest

Steel Storage via Elle Decor

What a fantastic use of space in this eclectic kitchen. From the stainless steel counter/storage to the open shelving, there is plenty of versatility in this refreshing design. Photo source: Elle Decor