An Appealing Apartment

There are some designer names that stand out, and others that are less familiar. Garrow Kedigan may not be a name that is instantly recognizable, but his work will make a name for itself. Kedigan’s cunning ability to incorporate texture (this week’s Potted Boxwood Buzzword) and traditional lines is unparalleled.

If my great-grandmother was still alive, I could see her using Kedigan to give her classic antiques a fresh setting. While you may think a great-grandmother taste is “old lady,” you clearly never met a great-grandmother like mine, nor have you seen the talent that Kedigan has to make every room extraordinarily chic. Just take a look into Kedigan’s stylish and remarkable NYC apartment. Also, follow him on instagram to see an expansive view of his interiors.

Photos of Garrow Kedigan’s apartment are by Christopher Sturman in House Beautiful.

Garrow Kedigan classic lines via HB

Speaking of velvet couches. This room will look just as timeless 100 years from now. I love the cream trim against the brown.

Garrow Kedigan Apartment Living Room via HB

The high-gloss kaki color continues on the paneling of the above the room. I love how paneling gives rooms a distinguished dimension.

Garrow Kedigan via HB

This room easily goes into my top ten (my top ten favorite spaces). I love the play on color, the traditional furniture, and the classic bookshelves.

Garrow Kedigan Apartment via HB

Again. the contrast of the black and white in this room is stunning. Look at how fantastic the fabric is on those chairs!! Swoon!

Window Seat in Garrow Kedigan's Apartment via HB

A sweet window seat in this breakfast nook.

Garrow Kedigan bedroom via HB

A sharp and smart striped canopy in the master bedroom. I love the organization of the shelves.

Bedroom in Garrow Kedigan's Apartment via HB

A bigger view of the bedroom. How unpredictable are the red curtains?!

Garrow Kedigan Bathroom via HB

A chicly painted bathroom. Look at how sophisticated the black and white painting is displayed.

Sink in Harrow Kedigan's apartment via HB

Look at the caning design of the sink. I love classically traditional hardware with the more modern black and white twist.