A Velvet Touch

Whenever I walk into a room and it feels incomplete, chances are it is one of two things. A- a lack of furniture/art, or B- a lack of texture. More often than not, it is the latter. Texture is such a crucial element in the design of every room. It is also easy to forget about. Many people think in terms of pattern and color, not textures like velvet and twill. In my opinion, velvet is the best texture in existence.

Velvet immediately adds a certain richness and warmth to a room. It is soft and inviting, yet extremely sophisticated and classic. My love affair with velvet began when I first came across Tory Burch’s living room in Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People. I right away began lusting for a green velvet sofa.  It is still on my wish list for my post-puppy abode. In the mean time, I have green velvet pillows to fill my void.

Velvet Quote in HB

TOod Romano velvet sofa via AD

A fabulous use of velvet and high gloss walls in this room by Todd Alexander Romano. Blue Velvet is HUGE, as you will see by a majority of the photos in this post. Photo source: Architectural Digest.

Purple velvet sofa by Ellen Niven in House Beautiful

A bold and regal purple with plenty of prints in the mix. Design by Ellen Niven in House Beautiful.

Windsor Smith velvet sofa with screen via AD

A chic screen and deeply textured velvet sofa by Windsor Smith. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Miles Redd lacquered walls and green velveet sofa via HB

One of my favorite Hague blue rooms by Miles Redd that also includes a phenomenal green velvet sofa and blue velvet chairs. Love the mix! Photo source: House Beautiful

Garden Variety design den in House Beautiful

This chic den with a wallpapered ceiling uses the perfectly fit blue velvet sofa as the focal point. Design: Garden Variety Design Photo source: House Beautiful 

Gray velvet tufted sofa via Elle Decor

A luxurious gray velvet tufted sofa mixed with gold and modern antiques. Photo source: Elle Decor

Mary McDonald shades of gray via HB

Shades of gray in this elegant and modern room by Windsor Smith. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Nick Olsen via Domino

Nick Olsen nails it with this blue velvet sofa lined with white wood trim. What a fun and eclectic mix. Photo source: Domino

A shiny velvet soda in a den via Elle Decor

A high-shine velvet blue sofa and chair surrounded by pale gray custom shelving. Photo source: Elle Decor

Pembridge Home by Peter Mikic in Elle Decor Navy Velvet sofa

A deep navy blue sofa with an edge. I love the composition of this room by Peter Mikic. Photo source: Elle Decor

Red velvet movie room via Elle Decor

A movie theater room would be the perfect place for a red velvet all around. Just look at those fixtures! Photo source: Elle Decor

THomas Browne's velvet sofa via AD

A modern and clean-lined living room by Thomas Browne. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Tory Burch Green Velvet Sofa 1

The sofas to end all sofas. Tory Burch’s Manhattan apartment with green velvet walls and sofa. Photo source: Vogue

Tory Burch Green Velvet sofa 2

A beautiful mix of a green velvet sofa and blue and white garden stools. Photo source: Vogue