April Showers

If someone were to ask me if I was a shower or bath person, I would definitely say bath. I always find this funny since I take a shower every day and bath more infrequently. Showers are important, or at least they should be if you want to have friends and be seen in public. This is why bathrooms are so important. They are an area where time is spent (showering, getting ready,  lingering with your eyes half shut when you wake up, or get ready for bed). Bathrooms are always expensive little rooms, but what you put into them is relevant to what you get out of them.

Why not shower pretty? Let the April showers fall outside, and let your shower head fall with perfectly pressurized water inside.

Also, I don’t shower without spraying this first. It makes your shower a spa…it is my every day MUST have!

Like an outdoor shower inside via Veranda Magazine

Doesn’t it feel like it is outside? The bower of glass, hedges, and some potted boxwood. Via Veranda

Fantastic shower via Elle Decor

One of my favorite bathrooms. The marble work is phenomenal and the chrome finishing is divine. Via Elle Decor

Incredible industrial windows for this shower via AD

The more industrial side of showering. I love the idea of stepping into a “room” to shower. The door really creates that feel. Via AD

Mark Ferguson designed this chic bathroom via AD

The more polished and sophisticated side of showering. I really love the more vertical, striped, and natural look of some marbles in the shower. Having whatever tile or stone go to the ceiling is VERY important. Don’t leave any space between the ceiling, it will make the room feel choppy and small. Via AD

Moroccan tile by Katie Ridder via Elle Decor

A burst of moroccan blue tile in this tub shower combination via Elle Decor.

Checkerboard floors in a charming bathroom via House Beautiful

A quaint and charming bathroom. I love the glass doorway into the shower, not to mention the checkerboard floor. Via House Beautiful

Outdoor shower at the home of Jeff Klein and John Goldwyns LA house via AD

An outdoor shower oasis. How perfectly spring and dreamy. Via AD

Shower area by Kelly McDowell via House Beautiful

Another industrial door with an architecturally interesting stone floor. Via House Beautiful

Shower in a home designed by Michael Smith via AD

Clean, soft, and inviting. I love the bench in the shower! Via AD

Sophisticated concrete shower via Elle Decor

A slate gray concrete gives a sense of serenity in this zen shower. Via Elle Decor

Tub in the shower by Jamie Drake via Ad

You could always just put your shower in your tub?! Or is it a tub in your shower?  Look how deep that tub looks..wow! Via AD

wood beams and a lovely shower and tub combination

I love the visual of a tub right in front of a walk-through shower.  Also, the wood beams add a great architectural element. Invigorating.