Bories & Shearron

Pinterest is like the yellow brick road of design for me. I find myself clicking on one link that leads to another, that leads me to another glorious discovery of a new architect, new landscaper, new designer, or even a new blog . There is a high probability that you may have found The Potted Boxwood through Pinterest. Social media is facinating to me, especially the kind that shares pictures and not drama! I digress…

Yesterday, I was purusing Pinterest and came across the most stunning blue doors, which lead to the website of architects Bories & Shearron. It was a delightful discovery, even though after looking at their images, I immediately noticed many of their projects from publications. Their work is captivating and their details are unparrallelled. They have collaborated with Miles Redd on many projects (including The Boxwood house in Atlanta). They know how to incorporate their architectural savvy into homes that have an invigorating, yet classical ambience.

I hope you enjoy your day!

Bories & Shearron 20

Those blue doors that led me on a Pinterest adventure. Look at the detail of the nail-heads and the way they create their own paneling.

Bories & Shearron  4

The front elevation of a project they created. An ideal revival type home with a great amount of savvy.

Bories & Shearron  6

Is there any detail of this not to love? Blue door (knob in the middle), green glossy entry, leopard chair, black high gloss doors leading into the next room. This is everything I love about life in an entryway! (design: Todd Alexander Romano)

Bories & Shearron  7

The ceiling! It is amazing how one thing can change the entire atmosphere of the room.

Bories & Shearron  8

More lacquered admiration. Happy dreams are made in a room like this! Great work on this project by Todd Alexander Romano

Bories & Shearron  10

An old sparta entry that is every bit charming and consistent. Bories & Shearron  2

What a beautiful sketch full of lovely large potted topiaries. I love how the door is off to the right instead of centered. A fun toss-up of symmetry.

Bories & Shearron  12

A more classic point of view with old-world shelving and mid-placed sconces to liven up the ambience.

Bories & Shearron  13

This room is full of subtle luxury. It avoids being too dramatic, but still has the right amount of panache. I think it’s the wallpaper! I could slip right into this room.

Bories & Shearron  11

A more bare room that really shows off the great breadth of Bories & Shearron.

Bories & Shearron  3

Of course, the only thing missing from this picture is potted boxwood flanking the doors.

Bories & Shearron  15


Bories & Shearron  16

How exceptional is the placement of this light fixture?

Bories & Shearron  17

Look at that door. The heavily plastered walls give a depth of texture to the room.

xBories & Shearron  9


The garden walls of Boxwood house in Atlanta.  Pure perfection!