Bar Cart Days

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You could say the time is approaching, or the time is always present, to make your bar cart ready for summer entertaining. Let’s be honest, a bar cart may not be totally necessary if you have ample cabinet space, or an actual bar in your home. However, they give you a “make yourself at home and pour yourself a drink” mentality that more formal bars or casual countertop settings don’t quite capture.

While they are functional in their use, they are also another outlet of design. They are used to enhance the lively ambiance of a space, especially rooms of entertaining. If done right, they can be full of personality. Here are a few of my favorite bar cart tips, tricks, and tools

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Wisteria Bar Cart

Wisteria Bar Cart

Tip: Only leave out your alcohol essentials. A cluttered bar cart of too much booze will not be inviting to guests to fix a drink!

Wicker Ice Bucket

I’d say this is pretty sophisticated in the world of champagne buckets.

Bar Cart

Mirrored trays with gold acrylic finishes

Essential Cocktail Book

The Essential Cocktail Book. 

Vodka Set

This vodka set is 30% off and would wow any bar cart.

Brass Bar Cart

Brass Bar Cart

Tip: If you are going to have a bar cart- Dusting is crucial. There is nothing worse than picking up a wine glass with dust in it!


I love my colorful old-fashioned glasses on my bar cart, these would also do the trick.

Copper Shaker

Copper Shaker

Tortoise Ice Bucket

This would be the ideal chic statement on a bar cart. I adore tortoise.

Around the Punch Bowl

A great new book on entertaining from Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Society Social Bar Cart

Society Social Bar Cart. I love how this has wine holders underneath the top tray. Smart and chic!

Tip: Bar carts just shouldn’t be all about storing alcohol and bottles of wine. While functional, they should be visually appealing. It is not a storage unit.

Chrome Bar Cart

Rounded Chrome Bar Car


Smart corkscrew and marble base that would sit perfectly pretty on a bar cart.

The Potted Boxwood Bar Cart

Tip: I love keeping the wine and any liquor in a tray on the bottom of the bar cart. That way it keeps things looking organized.

Arabella Bar Cart

Arabella Bart Cart


Really beautiful glass decanter

Aerin Blue and White Chamagne Bucket

Still my favorite in the world of champagne buckets. Blue & White by Aerin

Nordstrom bar Cart

Oval Tiered Bar Cart

Tip: Napkins are a fun way to keep your bar cart seasonal. Caspari also has great options.

Bar Tool Set

A clever way to display your bar tools

Charlotte Moss Entertains

This book is EVERYTHING you need to know about entertaining. 

The Potted Boxwood Bar Cart 3

The Taelor Fisher mini painting on my giveaway would be ideal for a little art on the bar cart! See details to win HERE