Beyond the Curb with Preservation Park Cities and Meredith Ferrell

 Preservation is a cause I have been very passionate about in recent years. This home was posted to my YouTube in the spring and featured on the Preservation Park Cities home tour. Meredith Ferrell graciously sponsored this historic Highland Park home that belongs to an absolutely lovey and joyful young family.

Jenkins Interiors did a spectacular job creating an inviting, colorful, and well-edited aesthetic. With the bustling home environment that naturally occurs having five young children, the family transformed this traditional older home in a way that makes sense for their lifestyle without sacrificing style. 

While this was posted to my YouTube channel last spring, I haven’t shared it here on the blog yet. I hope you all will enjoy the detail of these photos. I apologies for the tighter format, it was originally filmed vertically, so this was the best compromise.