Brown Beauty

Brown. Poor brown.  I feel it gets a bad rap. It was only a couple of years ago when brown and turquoise were all the rage, yet how quickly did that color combination get old? The common philosophy is that black is more striking than brown when it comes to design. I must admit that I tend to agree. However, when the shade of brown is bold it can make a statement all on its own.

From a rich cocoa to a light luggage color, brown can be versatile in classic and contemporary decor. When it comes to brown, I believe that texture is key. When it is a velvet brown on an arm chair, or a high-gloss brown on a wall, it can make a big and bold impact.

Here are some pretty brown beauties that are always in season.

A pop of green against brown via Elle Decor

A pop of lime green in this deep cocoa living room. Photo source: Veranda

Nate Berkus Manhattan duplex via AD

An interior shot in the Manhattan duplex of Nate Berkus. He chose softer and more contemporary tones of brown. Photo source: AD

A smooth brown painted home via Houzz

A smooth and chic shade of brown is used on this home. I love how the color really makes the cream trim stand out. Photo source: Houzz

Hues of Chocolate brown via AD

Many shades of chocolate brown make for a striking contrast and continuous color that ties the living and dining room together. Photo source: AD

Bedroom by Alexa Hampton via Veranda Magazine

Alexa Hampton throws in a beautiful brown fur in this sophisticated and perfectly appointed bedroom. Photo source: Veranda

Bedroom by Kelly Wearstler House and Garden

Kelly Wearstler chose brown canopy lines with white for this incredible LA bedroom . Photo source: House and Garden

Brown Guest bath via Elle Decor

A smart guest bathroom that uses shades of brown and black. Photo source: Elle Decor

Coco carpet and brown leather sofa via Elle Decor

A brown carpet and distressed leather sofa add a great backdrop for the leopard and light wooden table to shine. Photo source: Elle Decor

David Jimenez Kansas City Apartment via AD

A timeless and classic living area with marvelously molded brown walls. Photo source: AD

Browns and Rustic Tones via Elle Decor

Brown is a perfect color for this rustic and eclectic room with a magnificent gallery wall. Photo source: Elle Decor