On Point

Needlepoint is an art that is not just for your grandmother, and it is coming back in a big way. Having a needlepoint pillow on your chair is no different than having a piece of art on your wall. I have recently come to adore the timeless and detailed needlepoint designs of Elizabeth Bradley Home. They choose only the highest and finest quality materials to create stunning pillows that can be placed in spaces modern or traditional. Just to know how detailed Elizabeth Bradley Home is with their prized pillows, each one takes over 120 hours of hand stitching.

While I don’t have 120 hours to spare, Elizabeth Bradley Home continues to create unique floral  needlepoint pillows that can provide striking contrast or blend beautifully with your home’s color palette. If everything old is new again, then an Elizabeth Bradley Home needlepoint will surely be  a thoughtful and lasting holiday gift.

See and purchase their newest collection on their website: www.ElizabethBradleyHome.com. Click pictures for links.

Classic look of Elizabeth Bradley Home Pillows

The feminine and classic botanical lily pillow. Notice the detail on the trim.

Cream Collection of Needlepoint Pillows by Elizabeth Bradley Home

This chic and current sofa provides the perfect backdrop for vibrant hues of botanicals on cream needlepoint pillows.

Crocus on Black Elizabeth Bradley Home Pillow

I am not sure what I like better, the cream or black background?  I do know that I love the pop of the of purple and golden colors in this light-filled neutral room!

Magnolia on Cream Pillow by Elizabeth Bradley Home Needlepoint

Notice how these pillows aren’t only for feminine spaces. They look equally at ease in more masculine rooms.

Ellizabeth Bradley Home Needlepoint Pillow

I am obsessed with the contrast of the Daisy pillow against this wonderfully textured celadon chair.

Daffodil on Black Needlepoint Pillow by Elizabeth Bradley Home

The yellow daffodil pillow on a black background makes for an effective and edgy needlepoint design. I love how needlepoint can work well with all types of design styles.

Florals on Black by Elizabeth Bradley Home

The collection of all of the floral pillows against the black background. I love them grouped together!

Daisy on Cream Needlepoint Pillow by Elizabeth Bradely Home

Each needlepoint has an abundance of colors within it. Notice how this pillow not only compliments the coral of the chair, but also the yellow of the the porcelain pot.

Detailed Design of Elizabeth Bradley Home Pillows

This pillow instantly adds a breath of light and wonderful contrast to this room.

Magnolia on Black Needlepoint Pillow by Elizabeth Bradley Home

A classic setting for a classic needlepoint design.