Brush It Off

Dallas home photo by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood
It is without a doubt the most frequent question I receive on the blog- “What is the paint color?”

Yes, so many of my fabulous followers ask me what paint color is used in many of the houses I post on instagram and on the blog. Interiors, exteriors, shutters, trim, there is a lot of incredible color out there.
However, if you follow this blog regularly, you understand the fact that I am not a designer. You also must understand that when I take a picture of a home on a walk or driving by, it is because I find it beautiful. Often, I don’t know the paint color used, the architect, landscaper, or interior designer. While I know a lot about homes in Dallas, I don’t keep a running record of this information. I, like most of you reading this, seek beauty. I see what is visually appealing, and I want to share what I love about it with you.
Many times I, or my followers, ask the designer, the homeowner, or the architect for sourcing information. Where is that light fixture from? What color is the door? Who makes that pattern? I want to know too! I personally think there is plenty of paint to go around. After all, the most lovely coat of paint can’t solve a decorating disaster. Also, the lighting is everything. What looks good on one house, does not mean it will look good on yours.

Dallas home photo by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood

However, picking paint is part of the trade, a designer’s prerogative. Some share readily, others guard their choices carefully. If there is anything in life that is personal, it is where we live. Our life is reflected in our space (money or no money). Those who use a designer pay for the value of their opinions, their sources, and their aesthetic. Other industries don’t readily share their strategies, yet we expect designers to divulge instantly.
I admittedly fall in the middle of the notion that paint is paint. While it is the application and design that makes the room, it seems foolish to let everyone in on a tip that someone else worked very hard to pay for. This is a hard subject to brush aside in one post.
So tell me, where do you stand?

Here are some of the most frequent paint questioned pictures. I will share my favorite cool/warm tones on the blog with you tomorrow!


Door in Oval Room Blue by Parkes and Lamb Interiors

A rare color reveal from Parkes and Lamb Interiors:
Farrow and Ball- Oval Room Blue

Atlanta home photo by The Potted Boxwood Dallas home photo by Christina Dandar of The Potted Boxwood Front door by establish design via The Potted Boxwood Home photo by Christina Dandar from The Potted Boxwood Kitchen by Katie Rosefeld via The Potted Boxwood

Kitchen by Katie Rosefeld Design
photo by Christina Dandar of The Potted Boxwood