Bunny Knows Best

Bunny Williams is a name synonymous with good taste. She knows what is timeless, what is classic, and what will always work. Her taste is impeccable, and all of her design influence embodies her signature style. From her line of furniture to her much coveted aesthetic, Bunny approaches all of her work with the same enthusiasm for tasteful ambience. Bunny’s gardens also speak volumes in terms of her signature approach in terms of an effortlessly chic and well-lived lifestyle. Her well-known Litchfield county home is certainly something worthy of an affair. After all, if you are going to engage, you may as well be in love….

Photos via Veranda

Bunny Williams via Veranda 4

How chic can potted boxwood be?? Well, it is always chic and always a classic choice.

Bunny Williams via Veranda

A well dressed conservatory with neutral feminine tones.

Bunny Williams via Veranda 6

Antique and weathered bench with a lovely birdhouse to boot.

Bunny Williams via Veranda 3

A formal arrangement of boxwood and other meticulously crafted plantings.

Bunny Williams via Veranda 2

A more organic array of planting around this lush pond framed by loose stone slabs.

Bunny Williams via Veranda 5

Of course, what garden is complete without a koi pond?!  Beautiful gardens have no bounds.