Bunny’s Garden

It is funny, the minute I start craving winter and candles and fur blankets,  I immediately want to see spring and green and flowers. I can’t make up my mind sometimes. I love a bit of everything. An aquarius through and through, it is hard to decide on what I want. Currently I am craving green, even though my garden is essentially frozen over.

My best friend goes by Bunny, and she has been a good support system recently. I find that fabulously ironic since, when I want some stability in design, I look to none other that Bunny Mellon. Both are New Yorkers and both have a fabulous sense of self. Below, Bunny shares her remarkable and elusive Virginia garden to Vanity Fair.  Sometimes you need a little bit of bunny business. Happy Wednesday!

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“Nothing should be noticed”-  Bunny Mellon


Could you imagine….how ideal!


Beautiful grounds.


I really do love white iron chairs. Never out of style.



Bunny loves a trellis, even if the grounds are overgrown.


A little overgrown, but yet so perfect.


Look at all the baskets. I love it.


So much detail from the ceiling to the hidden shelves.