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Happy 2017! I hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year! I spent some quality time in Florida with my family.

I also experienced the most horrific travel day on the way back. Imagine sitting at the airport about to board and then you see people running. Instinctively, I stood up to  see hoards of people running and police screaming, “Get out, get out of the building now!” So the next thing you know, I am grabbing Emmie and my bag and running down the stairs with 500 other people to the tarmac. We stand there baking in the hot sun, unsure of what is going on. While standing there, I heard from two people that they smelled smoke, and two others said they saw someone in handcuffs. An hour later and no answers, we were bussed from the tarmac to the security checkpoint at the airside terminal. So all 500 of us go back through security at the same time, and there are bomb sniffing dogs, police with automatic rifles, and crazy security in place. They say it was a false alarm, but I highly doubt that. It was a terrifying experience that really puts things in perspective. You need to be on your guard when you travel- and that is that!

I thought I would share some fun photos that I took over break! See you back here tomorrow with some fun posts to start the year!


My parents’ Christmas tree! It smelled heavenly! I love how their tree is anything goes. Also- the birds and feathers make for lots of fun!


I transferred these flowers I arranged from the coffee table to the dining table. They held up beautifully!


It is the little details that make things feel special for the holidays.


Putting up a tree is a lot of work. Wine was well deserved after!


Prettiest sunset of 2016! Right from my parent’s backyard!


Love the architecture around St. Petersburg!


A great front door Christmas display.


The most ideal driveway.


One of my favorite homes in St. Petersburg. I love the topiaries.


More classic St. Petersburg architecture.


The Vinoy


Fireworks on New Years Eve! St. Petersburg has a great display on the bay.


The chaos at Tampa International Airport.


500 people who had to run out on the tarmac.


Then all 500 people had to be rechecked at the same time.


Happy to be back in Dallas!