Farmer Christmas

If you want great recipes and a great flair for southern aesthetic, James T. Farmer is your go-to guy. He gets it. He gets that a little bit of butter isn’t a bad thing. He understands that entertaining is an art, but it should also be a lot of fun. He just knows everything there is to know about the smart, eloquent, and lovely way to entertain (enough to make the “bless your heart Miss Clairee” type of southern lady swoon). Recently, Famer was featured in Southern Living. His home for the holidays is beyond enchanting, cozy, and perfectly tasteful. His beautiful home is everything I would want on a cold Christmas night. I think you will agree.

All photos from Southern Living.


I love the abundance of this garland on the beautiful mantle. Seriously, look at all that detail!


Beautiful Farmdale Cottage. I seriously think all you need is garland and wreaths!


The wreaths!!


Beautiful and festive display in blue and white.


Rich and thick garland. Nothing skinny and puny about that!