Catch The Shingles

No, I don’t want you to actually catch shingles. I have heard they are incredibly painful and you need to take precautions if you had the chicken pox (thank you American pharmacuetical tv ads). Instead of an unpleasant disease, I am talking about shingle styled homes common around the Hamptons, New England, and the lovely northeastern islands. Nothing screams summer, or the end of summer, like a beautiful shingle home.  Originally built to create heat in chilly coastal New England towns, these “Gray Ladies” turn gray due to the elements these homes were built to endure. Now, any shingle-style home can be pre-made any shade of gray.

There is a undeniable appeal to these homes which scream relaxing vacation a la Something’s Gotta Give. Today, I rounded up some of my favorite shingles that will have you wishing summer would last just a little bit longer. These homes are also a hint for my Labor Day location….

Classic Shingle Style Home

A timeless shingle-style home perfectly shuttered with white trim and fabulous hedging. Via AD

Gorgeous Hamptons Retreat via Elle Decor

The phenomenal Hamptons retreat of Scott Currie has a mix of clapboard and shingles. Let’s not forget the mix of potted boxwood. Via Elle Decor

Gorgeous Shingle Style Home via AD

Completely classic.

Gorgeous water view home via Pinterest

Can you see the shingles turning grey?! A perfect example of the weathered look that turns timeless.

Nantucket Shingle Home via AD

A famous Nantucket shingle-style home. I love that the doors are painted gray as well.

Shingle Style Home via AD

A more modern take of shingles. Via AD

Shingle Styled Colonial

A shingle colonial home.What are your thoughts? Too much architecture going on, or just right?

Stunnign shingle style home

STUNNING. I really am at a loss for words

Sweet shingle style cottage by Jeffrey Bilhuber via AD

A sweet cottage by Jeffrey Bilhuber. Who needs square footage when you have charm?! Via AD

Thomas Pheasant Southampton Home via Veranda

Thomas Pheasant’s Southampton home. Perfectly trimmed in white and flanked by urns of potted boxwood. Via Veranda

Timothy Hayes and Kevin Roberts architecture via Elle Decor

Again, a more modern twist on the “cape cod” style. Architecture by Timothy Hayes and Kevin Roberts. Via Elle Decor

Victoria Hagans Nantucket Home via AD

Victoria Hagan’s Nantucket retreat. Featured earlier on TPB. Via AD

Timothy Whealons Southampton Home via AD

Timothy Whealon masters the intimate, luxe, and ridiculously charming look of shingle-style homes with this beauty. Via Elle Decor

Nantucket Grey Lady home

I know summer is ending, but don’t you want to permanently locate in a shingle-style home all year long?!