Classic Carter

I love when I see traditional furniture in unexpected rooms. There is one townhouse by Darryl Carter that exemplifies the use of timeless antiques in unorthodox form. He is a big proponent of natural textures and neutral tones. I think it is too simplistic to say Carter is a minimalist, however, he chooses high quality antiques and incorporates them in a more current setting. It feels like our (American) forefathers would live in his homes today.  From a secretary in a bathroom to a Sheraton sideboard as a sink, this townhome is complex with traditional and fresh style.

This 2009 feature from Elle Decor is still so incredibly relevant and applicable to all interiors. There are always so many homes to feature, but there is no expiration date for the homes that shine above the rest.

Photos by Simon Upton for Elle Decor.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 13

Layers of greenery and black potted plants frame the entry. I think it looks so sharp when window panes are painted black.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 3

Shades of natural materials, firewood included, as well as vibrant zebra rug make for a serene and sophisticated entrance.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 2

White hues let every object in the room seem dignified and refined. I love the roman shade and wooden shutters of the doorway.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse

Another view of the living room and a stunning piano.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 9

Look at that exposed firewood on the bottom shelves. The glass and wooden screen also adds a beautiful dimensional element.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 4

Notice the constant use of fireplaces? Carter is a big advocate of them in almost every room. I agree! Who doesn’t look better with a glow of fire!?

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 5

Another shot of the simple and functional kitchen.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 6

Wooden plank walls and a wooden plank table continue to bring in natural wooden elements.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 7

A more glamorous and chic dining space.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 8

A herringbone floor, more shuttered door overlays, and two tubs. I love the unexpected touch of the secretary in the bathroom. A piece often reserved for other parts of the home

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 10

I appreciate the use of the studded black leather headboards vertically placed. It really gives the room a sense of height.

Darryl Carter DC Townhouse 11

A beautiful Sheraton sideboard turned into a magnificent burl wood pedestal sink. How clever.  A perfect use of period pieces in a more contemporary setting.