Chic in Italy

I recently came back from a trip to Italy. I visited Florence, Tuscany, and Rome, each place majestic in it’s own right. Florence quickly became my favorite city. It is no wonder that so many artist flock there due to the city’s ideal lighting. Tuscany was just as charming, although the steep, windy roads and I did not quite get along. Rome is such a vibrant and historical city, and I wish I could have stayed an extra day to do more antique shopping. Also, the service and style at every hotel I stayed in was truly remarkable- I didn’t want to leave!

Here are some photos from the different hotels and cities. I stayed at the Four Seasons Florence, Castiglion del Bosco in Tuscany, and J.K Place Roma. Hope you Enjoy! Ciao!

*Most of these photos were taken with an iPhone. I apologize for the quality.


FSF Potted Lemmons

I kept noticing how much the Americans botch Tuscan paint colors. Here, the paint is so layered and subtle. Take note, I didn’t see any burnt orange or red (thankfully)!

Grounds DuomoGrounds FSF

Stunning grounds at the Four Seasons Florence.


A butter tan leather headboard under a gallery wall. I am a major proponent of gallery walls.

Bathroom _Tub

That. Tub. Is. Everything. So much longer in person.

Bathroom Doors

I really enjoyed the doors to the bathroom. I think these would be so fun in a house with high gloss paint. Perhaps a bright color for a child’s room, or in a dark charcoal for a closet. Don’t mind my reflection!

Lobby- Front

The most incredible lobby! I could sit in here for days. A perfect deep olive velvet sofa.

Murano Glass Lighting

Murano glass chandelier in the bedroom. Stunning!


The bar at the Four Seasons Florence. Great low lighting- how a bar should be!

Bar Carnations

Can you believe those are carnations??? I have never seen them used in such a chic way!

Spa Sitting area

The spa reception. They had the most beautiful hand beaded pillows. Love the velvet pillows mixed in.

FSF Curtains

Such a pretty pattern for curtains in the dining room.

Brown Shutter Building Building Flowers FL

Such a magical and chic city!


A long slender pot for this boxwood.



Hotel Grounds 3 CDB Hotel Grounds CDB Hotel Grounds 2 CDB Hotel Main CDB Hotel Room Door CDB The Borgo CDB

The hotel grounds at Castiglion del Bosco. I love how the whole resort is so open. The rooms are on the left.

Hotel Bedroom

This bed reminds me of a room by Michael S. Smith.  As you will discover, I am a big fan of green in decorating.

Velvet Framed Mirror

Orange velvet framed antique mirror…swoon. So much personality.

Hotel View

The view.

Hotel TV CDB

I loved the Italian stitched leather framing the TV.

Pool view CDB

The pool at Castiglion del Bosco.

View in Montalcino

My favorite Tuscan town, Montalcino. Look at that view!

Villa on CDB



Jk Place Lobby 1

The symmetrically chic lobby of J.K. Place Roma.

Jk Place Rome lobby 1 Jk Place Rome Lobby 3 JK Roma Bed

A very simple bed, yet perfect for the space. I adored the subtle fringe on the headboard.

JK Roma Bathroom

Fabulous use of gray and white marble.

TP Holder

Is this not genius?!  Who wants to see ugly toilet paper? Hide it!

JK Roma Dining JK Roma Library JK Roma Wallpaper Stairs Jk Place Roma  Via Baunbino Rome

Via Baumbino- Great shopping!

Egyptian Embassty Roma

A very stylish Egyptian Embassy. The Jasmine smelled heavenly.

Flowe Truck Roma Antique Store Rome

One of my favorite antique stores that we visited. Blue and White always catches my eye!

Boxwoods in a Row Rome

A row of boxwoods.

Boxwoods Vatican

Boxwoods at the Vatican.

Photos by Christina Dandar for The Potted Boxwood