Welcome to The Potted Boxwood

A potted boxwood is a precursor, a telling symbol of timeless style. I often find it to be true that when you see a potted boxwood somewhere in the landscape, there is a tremendous chance that the decor inside will be of good taste- and, if you are lucky, very fabulous. While this is not an absolute truth, I do find my theory to err on the side of accuracy. Do this for me, the next time you are driving or walking by a pretty storefront or housefront, see if there are any boxwood to be found. Chances are there just might be. Then, do yourself a favor and peak in the window…of the storefront, not the home!

I hope this blog will be a fun source of inspiration and a way to share all of the fantastic design that is truly everywhere (well there are exceptions). To learn more about the blog and myself see the ABOUT section. Also, on the right side of the blog are links to all of The Potted Boxwood’s social media accounts- follow me!

Now here are some dreamy potted boxwood…


Kelly Wearstler‘s son playing in their garden of boxwood. This photo just makes me happy! Photo by Francois Halard.

Black front door with boxwoods

Love the different heights of the boxwood, not to mention the ticking on the ceiling! Photo source unknown.

Boxwoods and trellis

Love the different heights of the boxwood. So lush! Photo source: Arkpad

White Home with Porch and Boxwoods

Beautiful outdoor area at Suzanne Kasler’s Atlanta Home. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Mary McDonald Entry with Boxwoods

Entry by Windsor Smith. Beautiful gray and white tiles with black wood staircase. Proving that boxwood look wonderful inside, as well as outside. Photo source: House Beautiful

Kelly Wearstler Entry

The entry to Kelly Wearstler’s California home. I just can’t get enough of her boxwood. Photo source: Pinterest

oversized potted boxwoods

Love the statement made by these oversized boxwood. Photo source: Pinterest

Mark D. Sikes Garden

The ultra fabulous garden of Mark D. Sikes. I just want to sit on that bench and never leave! Photo source: Mark D. Sikes

Glass doors with potted boxwoods

A more modern vibe, yet the boxwoods are still so relevant. Photo source: bjd house design 

Kelly Wearstler Potted Boxwoods

Again, Kelly Wearstler uses boxwood so effectively- and those french doors-I love! Photo source: Lonny Magazine

Black front door with smaller potted boxwoods

There is something so chic about the double knockers. The boxwood look very sleek in these pots. Photo source: Pinterest.

Restoration Hardware Potted Boxwoods

If you want to purchase some boxwood, Restoration Hardware has excellent ones! Click the picture for the link.

Light blue front door and boxwoods

Last but certainly not least, this chic London townhome. What a great door and pot color. It is absolute Potted Boxwood perfection! Photo source: The Foo Dog Ate My Homework