Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Welcome to Part One of the 2021 Christmas Gift Guide. It is hard to believe we have arrived at this season already. I have more items to share, but thought it would be nice to get a head start since there are shipping delays. I  will continue to add on to the gift guide and feature special favorites for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some user advice: Click the pictures to purchase! If something deserves an extra mention, I added commentary to the corresponding number below the picture. Will add additional updates as the season progresses! XO Hope this is helpful!


Many of these are commisionable links. So if you do plan to by anything on the gift guide, I would appreciate it so much if you click on these links before you purchase. 

Under $100

2. This wine coaster and opener would be a great gift along with your favorite bottle of wine! Could easily add a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape from Trader Joes- it is my favorite!

3. You can’t beat the price of these card holders. Add a gift card for a little extra surprise. 

4. Salt and pepper shakers pagoda style. These just couldn’t be more darling! 

5. Coming in multiple colors, these lettuce ware candles are not only beautiful, but could be used for a vase after burning. 

6. These tervis tumblers are a huge hit all the time. A chic way to have a casual drink without worrying about breaking glass!

7. I must say, these monogrammed travel jewelry cases are always a winner. I bought them for my ex-boyfriend’s nieces and they loved them. They truly come in handy!

8. This set of corksicle wine glasses keep your beverage cold. 

9. I love this set oven mitt set. A thoughtful, yet unexpected gift.

10. Plop an orchid in this chic cache pot for a really lovely gift. 

11. A colorful set of four drinking glasses. 

12. Who wouldn’t love reusable herend inspired cups. The elephant is extra cute. Would make a sweet neighborhood gift. 

1. A set of three orchid baskets! A thoughtful way to deliver a nice orchid, paper white, or amarillis to a neighbor. 

3. A blue & white candle, that can easily serve as a blue & white canister. 

5. What a lovely way to cover your tissue box. One of those unexpected, but lovely gifts. 

6. These blankets make my gift guide every year. They are So incredible soft and wash so well. No matter what, I always pick this blanket out of them all. 

7. The best smelling holiday candle. Period. 

8. A perfect kit to make craft cocktails. Would pair nicely with your favorite libation. 

9.  This salsa set would be ideal to give with your favorite bag of chips!

10. A lovely melamine cheese tray! 

1. I own and love these melamine plates. Perfect for dinners outdoors or clumsy guests- they don’t break!

2. These cocktail napkins make the gift guide every year. Witty sayings and a fun play on words. 

3. A set of two champagne glasses would pair perfect with a bottle of bubbly!

4. This champagne bucket is absolutely beautiful. 

5. & 6. are my go to gift of mine. A nice hand soap with a napkin holder (I always pick up some hand towel napkins at the grocery store). It is another unexpectedly thoughtful gift. 

7. A fabulous set of 4 glasses at such a great price. Looks way more expensive than it is. 

9. My favorite hand sanitizer. A great gift for a teacher/hair dresser etc.! Adding a little gift card doesn’t hurt too (former teacher here). 

11. A great way to keep your bottle of wine cool!

14. Pair these darling shot glasses with a bottle of tequila or margarita mix! 

15. Own and love this silk pillowcase. 

16. This is a genius gift- Ice cubes for water bottles! Would also make a great teacher gift, or for guys/girls that play sports. 


Many favorites! The new Bunny Mellon book is VERY high on my list. I heard from a designer who previewed it, that is is very inspiring. Will have more detailed Amazon book guide list next week, but these are tried and true favorites.


1. Absolutely beautiful semi-custom tablecloths. This website is just all together genius. You can make custom, curtains, pillows, placemats, and tablecloths and they are ready quickly!

2. Own and love this gorgeous pillowcase.

4. You just can’t go wrong with bamboo flatware. A great gift to give someone who has everything. 

5. Another beautiful tablecloth. Tablecloths are always a welcome gift. 

8. These colored wine glasses are all the rage. They come in a variety of colors and make such a thoughtful gift. 

9. These placemats come in multiple colors and in square/round shape. Really beautiful and perfect for the holidays. 

10. A fun set of 6 candlesticks for the blue & white lover. 

11. Don’t be fooled. This is a definite dupe. For under $100 you get the same luxe look. Own and love. 

12. For anyone on your list asking for new pillows, this company makes such a great variety. Lumbar pillows too!

1. This is one of the most popular Etsy shops for a reason. She does the most gorgeous thick monograms. Monogrammed napkins are a great gift for the person who has it all!

3. I have developed such a love of oyster plates ever since my tour with Pam Kelley Designs (see it here). Would be really fun to start a collection. 

5. This scalloped planter would make such a stunning gift. You can put two orchids in it and cover with moss. Another great gift for the person who has it all. 

7. A really pretty cocktail shaker. 

8. You just can’t go wrong with these wicker ginger jars. Everyone needs a pop of texture. 

10. A really pretty set of silverware.

11. These would make AN AMAZING gift. Small Gracie wallpaper prints. So special. 

12. A chic set of bamboo melamine plates!


1.These bags are having a major moment. They are very lightweight and durable, but have an elevated and sophisticated look! Comes in so many great colors. Own and love.

2. Shopping for a nap dress on launch day is a but like an olympic sport. A true game of how quickly can you add to your cart. These dresses attract all girls, all sizes. They are universally flattering, and so easy to throw on. Dress it up or dress it down, from little girls to older generations.

3. These are my favorite sweat pants. They are so soft and not too bulky. I own in about 5 colors… too much of a good thing is never enough. TTS

4. This has been on my gift guide for years. It is so expensive, but the best face cream around.

6. I have had multiple followers say these jeans are their favorite. Ordered and waiting to test them out, but telling you all before they sell out!

9. As I type this, I have these brown jeans on. They are comfortable and flattering, with just the right amount of stretch. TTS (maybe even slightly big, but not by a lot). Brown is definitely having a moment this season!

10. This swimsuit was hands-down the most poplar item of the summer. It is beyond flattering and supportive. Multiple colors!

11. This set of lightweight bangles is popular for a reason. Reasonably priced and dresses up any outfit. Plus, you don’t get a bunch of noise from metal clanging!

13. Folding hats! These hats come in multiple colors and an fold right into your purse or suitcase. Genius for traveling.

15. These are the ultimate dupes of my favorite shoe. They are comfortable, the nude color elongates every leg, and the studs add a little something extra!

16. The best faux leather leggings around!

5. and 14. Luxury and good looking straps for the Apple Watch! These are bound to be a popular gift request.

9. I look forward to waking up every morning just so I can wear this robe. It is warm, yet not bulky. It says to “dry flat” but I throw it in the dryer every time and it is just fine!

10. The Dyson Airwrap sells out of stock EVERY holiday. This is the one styling tool that made me quit my Drybar membership and finally feel good about doing my own hair. Comes in this chic new color too!

16. I love my Ugg slippers, and this is the more stylish and feminine version.

17. These fleece pullovers have a cult following for a reason. They can be dressed up, and elevate a casual athleisure look!

My personal favorites-own or want (hint, hint)

1. I own these pajamas in four colors and if they are dirty, I am sad that I have to pick another pair. I ADORE how soft they are, how nicely they wash, and how breathable they are.

3. I love the versatility and chic elevated look of this jacket.

4. This may be the most gorgeous shawl/cape I have ever seen (and I saw it in person). I am still thinking about how beautiful it is, yet it is the ultimate splurge.

5. These sneakers are the most comfortable, reasonably prices, and classically stylish.

7. When it comes to one of the most popular sneaker brands out there, I have learned to go big or go home!

Women- under $100


I. I feel like so many men’s belts either lack sophistication, or are overly flashy. This belt is the perfect classic. .

3. My dad uses this mug more than any of the others because it keeps his coffee warm all morning long.

8. This reasonably priced money clip always makes a good gift.

11. These college (comes with NFL teams too) half zips are super comfortable and staples!

13. This hanging travel kit is high-rated and fits just about every toiletry a guy needs!

1. These ties are my dad’s favorite. Up close they are playful, but take a step back and pure sophistication. 

2.These shirts are best sellers for a reason. A great fit, while being comfortable. 

3. Ooops! Repeated these shoes above, but they are a favorite of my dads. 

4. As for jeans or khakis, this brand excels on comfort an style. Dad approved, while still being cool. 

5. These shirts are the ultimate in look and feel. Very nicely done. 

6. With a cult-following and coming in a plethora of colors, these shoes are the epitome of comfort and style. Plus, the price is right!

7.This golf practice mat stands out because it can roll up! Can easily be tucked in an office, or under the sofa.

8. The perfect ice cubes for a night-cap!

9. A certain ex boyfriend loved these sneakers. They have a dressy edge while still be sporty. 

10. A current obsession is happening everywhere for this cup brand. My friend owns and love!



1.When I ever ask my mom friends what their favorite thing is- This play gym and subscription is their top answer. No joke- every time! The play gym grows with the baby. Plus, the subscription delivers developmentally appropriate toys and tells you how to show use them with your baby. Subscriptions up to age 3!

5. The chicest bib there ever was!

6.  The most darling sleeping bags.

8. Books to bed is always a hit. The pajamas match the book of the night. A great gift!

12. These hot chocolate snowmen are just as much fun for adults as they are kids.

College Girl

My college interns put this together! They are darling and will report back after their exams this week 🙂


1. These Spanx skorts are my favorite for walking. They suck in your stomach a bit and have the perfect compartments for phone/keys. 

2. I own these sneakers and love them! There is a bit of mesh on the side that is a cool addition, plus they give just the right injection of height. 

3. These leggings are some of my favorites for walking, and I love the pockets for the phone. 

4. This is a must for any of your walking friends. An easy and lightweight crossbody to store your phone, cards, lip gloss, and even pepper spray (with the crazy world we live in). 

6. My go-to workout tanks. So soft!

11. I don’t leave for my walk without a weighted bangle. I love giving my arms an extra workout while I walk!

13. A really lovely gift for any of your tennis playing people. 

14. Just about the cutest yoga mat!



1. A great set for your entertaining friend. A decanter and cheese board!

3.A really charming picnic basket full of everything you need for a special afternoon. 

5. Fortum & Mason is known for their high quality tea items. This hamper is the next best thing before a trip to London. 

6. This coffee maker makes the list every year. It makes wonderful lattes and froths the milk. Own and love. 

7. Some high-end Casamigas tequila mix to go with your favorite tequila. 

8. This sushi making kit would be a great activity for an adventurous family. 

11. I love this iPad/cookbook holder. Such a convenient and good looking way to follow a recipe. 

12. Air frying food is all the rage. This is the ultimate device. 

13. A truly beautiful bottle of olive oil. Would make a great gift. Add with a gift card to your favorite Italian restaurant or market. 

14. This creme brûlée kit would make a great gift for the gourmet in your life.

Tech and Travel

1. Soft slippers perfect for an international flight. A great way to take your shoes off, while not being barefoot! Becasue being barefoot on a plane is gross (sorry, just have to say it).

3. The ultimate weekender bag! So well made and stylish.

4. A great gift for guys and girls- a stylish airpods case!

5. My go-to luggage brand. The wheels glide beautifully and is so nicely made. I have both large and the bigger carry on.

6. My go-to travel wrap. Very lightweight and not bulky to pack.

7. These cordless vacuums are a huge hit!


2. I own this set and I am very addicted to this game. It is like gin rummy- but even better.


1. I own and love this bag. So many great ways to purchase them gently used. It never goes out of style. 

2. A moncler coat is the epitome of elegance in those cold weather days. 

3. An absolutely stunning ring. 

4. A Chanel bag is another item that will never go out of style. A beautiful used option here. 

5. You better believe I have my eyes on these boots. 

6. A Birkin bag is the ultimate spurge. 

7. A new bag by Gucci with their iconic colors. 

8. Own and love these shoes. An investment, but always the most comfortable. 

9. Diamond studs offer a timeless and sophisticated look. 

10. I have a few of these beautiful bangles. Stacked together, they are truly stunning. 

Furry Friends

3. A dog treat maker would be the ultimate gift for those that love their fur baby!

8. I just bought this exact dog bed for my pug and she LOVES it, and I love the look of it. Fast turn around and great fabrics.