Collected Interiors by Philip Mitchell

True story- Philip Mitchell was one of my very first followers on instagram. I launched The Potted Boxwood in 2014 and like attracted like. A Canadian, Philip would post pictures of his chic Toronto apartment and charming country home. In fact, his small but beautifully designed kitchen became one of my most favorite pictures and most popular repost. So when I heard Philip was launching a coffee table book, I knew it would be equally tasteful and inspiring.

Collected Interiors is the title of the wonderful new book by Philip Mitchell. He showcases his design that skillfully incorporates the delicate balance of treasured family heirlooms and sleek modern art. What I love about Philip’s design is that he is not afraid to use a traditional upholstered chair next to clean-lined accents. Philip has the design eye most people only dream of. He takes what he loves and makes it work in spaces regardless of the category. With the right scale and beautiful layering, Philip truly knows how to make a room tell a story.


I hope you enjoy this preview of Collected Interiors by Philip Mitchell. Photography by Annie Schlechter

Purchase the book: HERE