Colorful Weekend

I am in the mood for a fun party. I couldn’t help but think of fun when I saw Katie Kime’s Austin home in Lonny a few months back. Her home is so cheerful and full of playful patterns that ease throughout the house with a collective aesthetic. I feel like Friday is deserving of a colorful segue into the weekend, and this house can’t help but bring a smile to my face. Have a great weekend! XO

Photos via Lonny

Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny

I love the texture of the walls and the incorporation of the pink rug in this dining room area. The backing of the chairs is just lovely. Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 2

The living room is also a cool play of contrast. Notice the fireplace area. I love the tiled marble look above the fire! Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 4

I am not sure if I have ever seen an acrylic island, but I love this fresh and open plan.

Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 5

I can’t help but adore how the wallpaper went to the back of the bookshelves. Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 8

Unfortunately, I can only picture my little Emmie pug ripping all those flowers off the wall. I can definitely say that this would be pretty enchanting in a little girl’s room.

Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 6

A fun play of wallpaper on the ceiling and lots of texture.

Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 7

A very cool headboard in a very simple setting.

Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 9

Lots of pattern play.

Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 3

A really vibrant and eclectic closet.

Katie Kime Austin Home Lonny 10

That rosy pink appears again, so fun!Katie Kime QUOTE VIA LONNY