Leaping Ahead

Happy Leap Day! I think it is pretty amazing that today is a day that only occurs every four years. I recently read that in Ireland, Leap Day is referred to as Bachelor’s Day. The day is a traditional holiday when women propose to men. At this point, maybe that is the route I should take (KIDDING). In all seriousness, this past weekend was a perfect celebration of upcoming weddings and celebrations. One of my friends was in town to watch her bridesmaids try on dresses; another friend asked some of us to be bridesmaids and then tried on wedding dresses herself; and later that evening, another friend got engaged! This doesn’t even include a wedding coming up this April, and another close friend getting married next year!! Phew! At least I can always hem the dresses and wear them again…hehe

In honor of my beautiful friends and what will surely be phenomenal nights to remember, I thought I would roundup some of my favorite wedding inspirations. I can hear the bells already, and I will be there with bells on!  XO

Boxwood Centerpiece via Borrowed and Blue

Topiaries of boxwood and clean white linens compliment any event. Via Borrowed and Blue

Beautiful wedding tablescape via Pinterest

Trunks of white flowers combine beautifully with an overflowing runner of chic flowers. Via Pinterest

Todd events

Todd Events always blows his events out of the water. I say that not from a Dallas bias, but from  the fact he is truly the most talented in his field. Via Todd Events

Boxwood Covered Bar for a Palm Beach Wedding via Brides

I love, love, LOVE this bar of boxwood. Very naturally placed. Sweet and simple. Via Brides Magazine

Caroline Trentini Vogue

I adore the urns of abundant fresh white flowers in the church. All you really need as far as church flowers go! Via Vogue

Find your seat in a Boxwood dream via Inside Weddings

Not very often you see a table of boxwood for your place card! Had to include for name sake! Via Inside Weddings

Vanessa Trainia Wedding

Danielle Steel’s daughter’s wedding via Vogue.

Vanessa Trainia Wedding 2

This will pretty much always be my ideal type of wedding. Small, intimate space with candlelight and fresh white flowers. Perfectly Beautiful. Via Vogue

Open sky and starry lights. A magical tent via Olivia Rae James

Love the lavender on the plate via The Knot

A sweet touch of lavender on the plate. A fresh and sweetly sophisticated ambience. Via The Knot

Boxwood Walls via Bridal Guide Magazine

Walls of boxwood would make any wedding (or shower) look lush and enchanting.

Low tented wedding via Pintrest

There is something about low and intimate tents that I prefer much more than large high ceiling tents. I feel it keeps the ambience warm and inviting. Via Pinterest


All white orchids and low lying arrangements make this clean, crisp, and a classic design. Via The Bridal Guide

Boxwood Bar with Wedding Monogram

Another boxwood bar, this time with a little more of a contemporary feel. The wedding monogram is a personalized touch.

Wedding via Dear Pearl Flowers

Timeless green garland will forever compliment billowing white fabric. Via Dear Pearl Flower