Eyesore No More

When I think of essential items for the home (which is rare- I am all about the unpractical), I think of how to make them more pleasing to the eyes. For example, a laundry room. Chances are it is not your favorite room, some horrible electrician probably installed fluorescent lights, with an equally horrific counter top (if you even have one!). This was done all in the name of hosting two large metal boxes that swish around water and try to remove the wine stains on last night’s t-shirt. However, it is an essential room/closet that you need. BUT…If you are willing to put in the effort it can be wallpapered, given a pretty back-splash, or installed with a lovely light fixture. The point being, you can even make the essentials look good!

Sadly, this hasn’t always been the case for the television. The universe has made great strides at making TV’s look less like a big awkward box, but they haven’t done much to make them prettier. Think about the seating arrangements in your home. Where is the TV (I really should say TV’s)? Chances are your TV is the focal point of the room. Your couch sits directly across from it, your bed faces it, your kitchen stools are staring at it, and your bathtub is placed by it. If the world vanished tomorrow, archeologists would probably think we worship it. In a way, we do. Don’t misunderstand, I love watching TV. From Bravo to Broadcast News, I enjoy my TV. I would just rather find a way to give it a chic disguise. The homeowners below knew exactly how to do that…..

Antique Mirrored TV cover via House Beautiful

My favorite and my first! A tall antique mirror above a fireplace is gorgeous by itself. These owners picked the most tasteful disguise. Photo by Paul Raeside source: House Beautiful

Contemporary TV on gallery wall Photo by Ragnar Omarsso via Remodelista

A little more contemporary, but I really like how they placed the TV in a lower height on a gallery wall. It also helps to have such a long table underneath. Photo by Ragnar Omarsso. Photo source: Remodelista

Gallery Wall TV via Material Girls

This is definitely more my style for a TV inclusion in a gallery wall. From the coffee table books to the arrangement of frames, it looks like an approachable room. Photo source: Material Girls 

Gallery Wall TV_Photo Daniel Collopy_WSJ

First, let’s admire the spectacular use of paint and texture. Then, we can covet that petrified wood table (I think that is what it is?). Lastly, we can focus on how tastefully they arranged the wall and the low placement of the TV. A+++ Photo by Daniel Collopy. Photo source: Wall Street Journal

Gold Mirrored TV cover via Horchow

I love the gold!  I do feel like it would be more effective if it was larger. Photo source: Horchow

Kitchen TV Pinterest

It took me a minute to notice the TV. I thought it was a microwave! If you are going to have appliances built into your kitchen, you might as well include your TV in the layout. Photo source: Pinterest

Pottery Barn TV doors

Pottery Barn makes these sliding TV doors. If I were to purchase these I would paint them in a high-gloss black or dark gray. If it was a kid’s play room, they could be done in bright colors. How cool would that be?

TV disgised as fireplace art via hometalk

I love how they arranged all of the prints together. This could be done with any type of art! Photo source: Hometalk

Copenhagen Penthouse_The Ultra Linx

An ultra modern and minimalistic Copenhagen Penthouse. This is not really my style of decor, but I think this looks very sharp! Imagine this set-up in an office. Photo source: Ultralinx

TV on a shelf_Better Homes and Gardens

Ignore how the shelves are arranged, but do not ignore the shelves. If you have large shelves that do not obstruct the view, your TV can go into the wall behind it or just sit on it. It would look fabulous with coffee table books, chic frames, and orchids flanking it. Photo source: Better Homes & Gardens

TV disguised as art via Shelterness

Again, take prints you love and make your own gallery wall cover. It can be a personal and stylish way to cover-up all that trash talk…I am talking to you Ramona! Photo source: Shelterness