Get Your Rattan On

There are some materials that just feel like summer, and rattan is undoubtedly one of them. Made popular in old world colonial island decor, rattan makes you feel as if you are lounging in a Bahamian country club a la Round Hill.  In my opinion, it feels slightly more polished and chic than wicker, but still gives a relaxed and understated ambience. It can insert the right amount of texture into a room without feeling overly forced or contrite. Rattan can be as formal or casual as its surroundings. I personally plan to use more of it in my decor, and hope this will inspire you to do the same.

I mixed in pieces of rattan to purchase. Click the pictures for links!


Amanda Lindroths Bahamas Home via House Beautiful

A lovely and effortless porch abundant with rattan. Via House Beautiful

Society Social Turquoise Rattan Chair


A fabulous seaside blue rattan chair from Society Social. I personally see this in a beach house, or used more formally in a red room (may sound bizarre, but in my head it looks fab!)

Andrew Raquet Lyford Cay Home via Veranda

Andrew Raquet’s Lyford Cay home. I love the juxtaposition of the rattan chairs against the black and white checkerboard floors. Via Veranda

Rattan bed via Anthropologie

Talk about rattan! How ideal would this be in a beach or island house? Imagine a room with banana leaf palm wallpaper, or even some beautiful fabric hanging from the ceiling on the wall of the bed? Love. Available at Anthropologie

Allega Hicks Rattan chairs in Napes Italy via AD

Rattan in an more current patio. I do love how this area is lined with potted plants- magnificent! Via AD

Rattan furniture via Domaine Home

I think black rattan can add a certain sophistication to an outdoor space. I adore this outdoor living area via Domaine Home.

Kipps Bay Dining Room with Rattan chairs via AD    \

Mark D. Sikes’ dining room at this years Kipps Bay Showhouse. Love his use of rattan in this fresh and inviting room.

Alex Rattan Chair via Society social


Alex Rattan arm chair from  Society Social.

Black Rattan furniture via AD

A stunning display of black rattan makes an effective contrast with this grand white home. Via AD

Holly Mathis Interiors Rattan furniture

The true Souther gentleman, James Farmer, masters an updated traditional application of rattan. P.S. Look at those shades on the blue and white lamps.  What a fantastic idea!!!

Rattan outdoor funiture via Elle Decor

Doesn’t this look like an ideal spot for a cup of coffee and good book? The more potted plants the better. Via Elle Decor

Rattan ottoman via Anthropologie

Susilia rattan ottoman. I love that this could be used inside or out. I personally would use this in a formal space with an oriental rug and a white sofa perhaps?

Richard Shapiros Malibu House via AD

A fantastic and eclectic outdoor living space at Richard Shapiro’s Malibu home. Doesn’t that fireplace look incredible? Via AD

Rattan chairs via Anthropologie

Pari Rattan chairs are versatile for just about anything. Via Anthropologie