Be My Guest

Happy to say I have made my way back to Florida for some much needed R&R. There is something about being in your childhood bedroom where you can just get some pure, uninterrupted sleep. Maybe it is the fact that I know my parents are here and I don’t have to worry about taking care of anything. Sadly, the same doesn’t always go for when you are a guest in someone’s home. There can be the pressure to be up at a certain time, or the uncertainty of what to wear and how much you should help. Chances are if you are using vacation time to visit friends, there is some element of helping out verses what should be a relaxing vacation. Unfortunately, this lies with the responsibility of the host.

As a consummate hostess knows, it is preparation that enables the guest to feel at ease and at home (without having the responsibilities of home). Often guest rooms can be a hodge podge of an old treadmill and mismatched linens. In my opinion, if the room feels disoriented the guests will feel the same way. Below are some awe inspiring guest rooms, hosting advice, and items that will make anyone want to be your guest.

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Alessandra Branca Guest bedroom via Elle Decor

The elongated and boldly sophisticated guest bedroom of Alessandra Branca. Via Elle Decor

Pierre Frey Fabric in Estees Guest room at Aerin Lauders home

Estee Lauder’s room used as a guest bedroom at Aerin Lauder’s Southhampton home.  Via Beauty At Home

Aerin Lauder wrote in her book Beauty At Home that she buys several New York Times bestsellers books to place by the bedside in the guest room. I also believe that fresh magazines are great to have as well.


Bush Guest Room via AD

A guest bedroom at the Bush family’s Texas ranch. I love how they used some local drawings of Texas wildlife to enhance the stay. Via AD 

Colorful and compact guest room via Elle Decor

If you are short on space, but love to entertain, this is the way to do it. This guest bedroom has the perfect amount of color, pattern, and simplicity. Via Elle Decor

Having a nice carafe of fresh water by the bed is always considerate. No guest should have to wonder at night to find the kitchen and glasses.


Guest room by Michael Clattenburg via AD

Michael Clattenburg has painted on some book shelves and glossy green walls. The perpendicular beds are an excellent touch! Via AD

Guest room by Timothy Corrigan via AD

Timothy Corrigan creates a guest room where friends would never leave. The perfect mix of elegance and comfort. Via AD

Guest room by Toni Gallagher via Traditional Home

A Boxwood toile in this serene and timeless twin guest room by Toni Gallagher. Via Traditional Home

Provide your wifi and password, as well as spare chargers. If there is a TV, have a channel list available as well.


A MadelineWeinrib rug in this guest bedroom via AD

A Madeline Weinrib rug in this preppy, colorful, and cheerful guest bedroom.

Julia Reeds Guest Bedroom via Elle Decor

Julia Reed creates an inviting and chic guest bedroom, with the most precious beagle to boot! Knowing how she is a great southern hostess, I am sure she has a plethora of incredible hospitality tips. Via Elle Decor

Throughout my beauty buys during the year, I store all my free samples in a glass jar. This leaves guests with plenty of high end products to sample, and is helpful in case anything is forgotten.


Mariette Himes Gomez guest bedroom via AD

Mariette Himes Gomez has an undoubtedly peaceful bedroom in her home to keep guests at ease. Via AD

McAllpine Booth & Ferrier Interior guest room via AD

Back to back fun in this remarkably crafted guest room. McAlpine Booth & Ferrier know how to sync architecture and design in perfect harmony. Via AD

Bathroom necessites: hair dryer, fresh robe, wash cloths, plenty of toilet paper, and a fresh toothbrush and tube of toothpaste.


Michael S S mith Guest Bedroom

Michael S. Smith plays with pattern to make this a memorable and well-appointed  guest room. Via AD

Randall Powers guest bedroom via Elle Decor

A more modern and streamlined guest bedroom. Via Elle Decor

Luggage racks are a wonderful way to say- unpack and stay awhile.


 Sheila Bridges Guest bedroom via Elle Decor

Sheila Bridges demonstrates beautiful pattern in a gracious display in her Harlem guest room. Via Elle Decor

Tory Burchs guest bedroom via In Color

Who wouldn’t want to be a guest in Tory Burch’s Southampton home. Incredible wallpaper, bedding, and oriental rug. Talk about living, In Color.