Happy First Birthday TPB!

I guess I should say happy anniversary, but this blog is more like my friend than an item that has been kept around. I truly can’t believe I have been blogging for a year. This was always something I wanted to do since college, not necessarily for anyone but myself. I love really pretty things, often expensive things, but then not all pretty things have to be expensive. I was born with this gift and curse where I am constantly looking at things and tweaking and transforming them in my head. If only this was painted this color, and the sofa was in that material, and they would add some texture there….I could go on and on. Since I was a little girl, I saw potential in everything around me, and it took finding it in myself to share it with you in the form of the potted boxwood.

I have some exciting trips planned, opportunities waiting, and a new social media outlet to add (snapchat: @pottedboxwood). In this little year of what I hope to be a long life, I managed to gain 8,000 instagram followers, 80,000 views, 800 subscribers, and 300 to 500 plus daily visitors apart from that. The support you have given me is overwhelming, humbling,  and all in good taste. So if I was throwing a birthday party, it would be one where “no gifts please” was neatly engraved on the invitation, but a party favor was readily given away. After all, it is my guests who are the reason for the celebration.

A Year In Review

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