Lay It On Thick

Being in Florida right now, I am surrounded by mediterranean tile roofs. Lots of people here try their best to replicate these half tuscan/half Spanish style homes. A majority fail miserably. First of all, tuscan paint colors do not belong on a Spanish colonial and vice versa. I am not trying to sound elitist, but honestly it is quite painful to see. On the other hand, there are true old Florida Spanish Mizner- inspired revival homes with beautifully adorned tile roofs. They tend to be neutral in color, and the architecture speaks for itself.  They are charming and a Florida historical staple. Maybe it is my native Floridian coming out in full force, but simple old-school Florida style always trumps a snow bird’s winter McMansion monstrosity any day.

I’ll get off my character kick…but observing all these homes around my hometown, I have seen a lot of tile roofs. I think they tend to look the most striking on homes that are white/cream color (shocker, I love white houses ;). I have collected a round-up of some phenomenal tile-roof beauties that are understated, charming, make you feel ready to take over Meryl Streep’s life in It’s Complicated. As far as I’m concerned, that is not a bad thing.

Some historical/preservation facts

A tile roof Fort Worth via D Magazine

A Fort Worth lake home with separate casitas. A lovely display of a tile roof. Via D Magazine

Tile roof home

See, this is a charming tile roof home. The stone path, the fountain, the pool, the landscaping…heavenly! Via Pinterest

California Home via Veranda

A wonderful tile roof on this California home. The arched glass doorway is eye catching. Via Veranda

Chic tile rood garden

Sweet brick courtyard, organically landscaped with a super chic tile roof.

Frank Gehry Home via AD

I love the more flat lined tile roofs, I think it gives them a more understated feel. Via AD

Griffin & Crane home via home adore

I would love to see the floor plan for this home by Griffin & Crane. It has a sprawling and enchanting ambience.

Sasha Alexander LA Home via Domaine Home

Obsessed with the California cool vibe of Sasha Alexander’s home. Via Domaine

Mark Weaver tile roof

A gravel pathway on this beautifully adorned one story home by Mark Weaver. Talk about character.

Marshall Watson home via AD

A tile roof on a grand scale in Marshall Watson’s home. Notice the sconce lantern on the wall. I love how low it is placed. Via AD

Mediterrainian tile roof via House Beautiful

An exposed staircase on the back of this Spanish colonial. Look at the covered terrace above. What a great area for entertaining. Via House Beautiful 

Modern Family home

You may recognize this house from the best TV comedy winner… It really is an architectural little gem.

Peter Vitale via Veranda

How unique is this slanted tile roof off of what is clearly breathtaking landscaping and displays of boxwood. Photo by Peter Vitale for Veranda

Richard Shapiros Malibu Home via AD

A constant favorite on the blog, the narrow pathway to Richard Shapiro’s Malibu home. Notice how the tile is also above the doorway to the house. A perfect blend of sophistication and charm. Via AD