Under The Bougainvillea

I’ll never forget the first time I went to Cabo, my freshman year Spring Break of college. My friends and I decided we would stop by a very nice resort for lunch/drinks/something (so sad I can’t even remember). Upon entering the vast property, we were greeted with overwhelming blooms of abundant bougainvillea. I  commented to my friends about just how exceptional it looked. Puzzled, they responded, “how do you know that is called bou…gain…- whatever you said?” It wasn’t their fault, they were from the Midwest and parts of the South where bougainvillea is not a household name. It was then I recognized the oddity of my comment. I was from a tropical state where this flowering plant is as common as a fern. I was a native Floridian. We just know these things.

Fast forward to several years of living in Texas, and I have found myself forgetting the everyday commodity of bougainvillea. I feel like the past ten days visiting Florida have been a reawakening of the majestic quality of bougainvillea. It adds a depth to a landscape, whether wrapped around a column, displayed as an archway, perfected as a bush, or growing in a potted fashion. They are ever present in warm weather places like California, Florida, Mexico, and much of western Europe. They make anything look prettier, and who wouldn’t want to start off the week browsing something pretty?!

Happy Monday!

Care Of Bougainvillea

Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood. 2

This photo I took doesn’t even do it justice. Beautiful bougainvillea enhances this gated entrance to a classic mediterranean revival home on the Gulf coast of Florida.

bougainvillea climbing on the columns of the Gottschalks home in Ibiza via AD

Bougainvillea climbs on the columns of the Gottschalks vacation oasis in Ibiza. Via AD

bougainvillea columns on this patio via Mix and Chic


A sweet spray of bougainvillea on these columns on a effortlessly chic outdoor living area. Via Mix and Chic

bougainvillea covering the exterior of a home via House Beautiful

The most hideous architecture could be hiding under this bougainvillea, but it would still be eye catching. An abundant display of bougainvillea and wonderfully hedged half spheres. Via House Beautiful 

Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood. 1

Another gated entry that i captured in Florida. It keeps things simple when one plant takes over and the landscape can still look complete.

bougainvillea in abundance via BHG


A picturesque garden door surrounded by bougainvillea. Via BHG

bougainvillea in greece via Conde Nast Traveler

Greece anyone? It really bring ambience to the chic simplicity of a white building. Via Conde Nast Traveler 


Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood

You may have seen this on my instagram over the weekend. This is by far my favorite property in my hometown, strictly for this incredible entrance. Boom- there is a view.

bougainvillea on the balcony of Amanda Peets LA home

I love how the bougainvillea just clings on to whatever it can grasp, as is the case with this second floor balcony on Amanda Peet’s LA home.

bougainvillea patio at the home of Amador Calafat-Busquets in Mallorca

Gorgeous canopies of bougainvillea on the patio at the estate of  Amador Calafat-Busquets in Mallorca.

Multiple shades of  bougainvillea via Houzz

Bougainvillea up the steps, on the wall, and in the bushes. It is such a character builder.

Patio with bougainvillea arching the windows via Traditional Home

I love how it frames these windows.The blue and white paint and roman shades are an ideal addition. Via Traditional Home

Who needs paint when you have bougainvillea?A great Palm Beach home by Mimi McMakin via House Beautiful

But seriously, who needs paint when you have bougainvillea? A great Palm Beach home by Mimi McMakin via House Beautiful


Florida bougainvillea by The Potted Boxwood. 3

Some bougainvillea bushes I spotted with multiple shades growing freely next to one another. A great hedge topping along a property.