Gifts Of Giving

I have always loved giving gifts, but there is an element of challenge in giving. I am constantly thinking about what would be the most ideal gift for this season and this time in my recipient’s life. Above all, I love the idea of giving a gift that gives back. It is a truly charitable and gracious thing to give something to others that gives back to someone else.

When I was recently in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, I came across a boutique called R. Riviter which uses uniforms, tents, and blankets, sourced from government surplus or directly from service members, to create truly unique American crafted handbags. The company was started by military wives, Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse, who devised a model in which “Riveters,” military spouses employed across the country, fabricate the various parts of the handbags in their homes and then ship them to Georgia for assembly.

Why not give back to the military spouses who sacrifice their husbands to keep us safe. In these times in which safety is a fleeting feeling, it feels good to appreciate those who are there to serve.

More at  R. Riveter, American Handmade.

R Riviter Southern Pines 2

A very cute storefront in Southern Pines, North Carolina. It had a rustic American chic feel!

R Riviter Southern Pines

Their signature collection of black canvas bags. Really well made and a constantly classic color combo!

R Riviter Southern Pines 9

I love how the bags have the dog tags on the side.

R Riviter Southern Pines 3

I purchased one of these bags which was repurposed from a USMA uniform. I love that it tells where it was assembled and what material they used to create it!

R Riviter Southern Pines 4

More bags.

R Riviter Southern Pines 5

I think this ottoman would look incredible in a boys room. So cool!

R Riviter Southern Pines 6

Really fun and casual clutches. How cute would this be in the summer with a casual white dress?

R Riviter Southern Pines 7

Cotton blankets.

R Riviter Southern Pines 10

Really well made and well purposed! Not only is it stylish, but you feel good wearing it.