Great Romans

I have a little personal project I want to share with you today. It is a quick little insight into my “new” place. Despite the fact the I am renting, I want to make it look as if it would be permanent. Often times when you find yourself saying, “later” or “maybe next time,” you are almost guaranteed to utter those words several more times in the future.

My first step to improvement was in my bathroom. I had some old, chipped white wood blinds that only went half way up the window. They were decent, but this shades of egg shell bathroom needed a pop of print and color. I didn’t want it to be overtly loud, but I wanted it to have personality. The most important thing, especially because I am renting, is that I wanted it to be a shade I could take with me and definitely use again.

I went with The Carole Bengal River pattern on a relaxed roman shade. I had it measured (by my talented design friend) to go to the outside. I wanted to error on the side of too much fabric instead of too little! I wish I had a before picture to share, but I am almost certain you know what wood blinds look like (we aren’t talking shutter- but blinds). I hope you like it!! Emmie and I certainly do!

Also, if I am on and off the next few weeks it is due to some family matters. Please keep good health and success for my family in your prayers. XO

The Potted Boxwood Roman Shade

The shade! I love the pattern, so versatile.

The Potted Boxwood Roman Shade. 2

I keep some small sized Molton Brown body wash in the apothecary jar. Everytime I pick one, it is like a kid in the candy jar!

The Potted Boxwood Roman Shade. 5

Oh Emmie. I really did try to take these pictures without her in them, she just loves to be the focal point!

The Potted Boxwood Roman Shade. 3

A glimpse of my still “work in progress” bedroom. At least it has the creature comforts, and by that I mean at least the creature is comfortable. 😉