Did you make a New Years Resolution? I didn’t. Actually, let’s put it this way: I just want to focus on the general continual improvement of myself and my purpose. Why limit resolutions to just one item?!  Of course, the most common and shared resolution is to get in shape, or get healthy, or make time to workout. Personally, I prefer classes where there is an unspoken competition to hold your plank a little longer or to spin a little faster. I wish I could workout on my own, but then I wouldn’t have that type of drive to push myself a little harder.

Perhaps that would change if I had a very sleek home gym. Not your typical fluorescent area with rubbery smelling floors. I am talking about sleek wood panels, chrome accents. and views to motivate your routine. While not all of us may have the views. we can mimic the same style of aesthetic. As much as we would like to deny it, working out is easy. It is working out in style that may prove a little more challenging.

Gym designed by Richard Keth Langham via AD

A Mississippi home gym designed by Richard Keith Langham. The striped awning roof is a pretty fun focal point! Via AD

Yoga room by Jonathan Feldman via Elle Decor

A sleek at-home yoga retreat that connects indoor and outdoor. Via Elle Decor

George Clooneys Cabo gym via AD

A chic wood and white fitness room that would make any workout attractive. Well, it is owned by George Clooney, so of course, it is attractive.  Via ADMalibu Califonia gym via AD The view melts into this fitness room that brings the  Malibu outdoors indoors. Via AD

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomos Gym via Elle Decor

An office and workout area combined into one. I love the masculine approach in the home of Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo. Via Elle Decor

Michael Bays LA Gym via AD

Another stunning view that is incorporated into a home gym. If you can’t climb the hill, you may as well use it as a motivation on the treadmill. Via AD

Home gym by Stephen Gambrel

Steven Gambrel would use fun shades of blue in this checkerboard gym floor. The orange towels are a lively and fun contrast.