Hedge Files: Anne Hepfer

I love discovering new design talent, and I love it even more when I get a chance to speak with them. Anne Hepfer isn’t new to the industry by any means. She worked for Daniel Romualdez on Tory Burch’s jaw-dropping Manhattan home and has always had an eye to create fresh spaces that are timeless and tasteful. Why let me keep on talking! See my interview with her below and feast your eyes upon this ultra chic and comfortable retreat she designed for a Toronto family. Pretty fabulous, eh?


                    ANNE HEPFER


Where are you from/live currently?

I was born in Manhattan, raised in Connecticut and I currently live in Toronto.


How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?

My home and personal style is constantly evolving over time. Our city house is a 1933 brick Georgian with an eclectic mix of styles; traditional, contemporary and global ethnic furnishings blended with (French, English, and Asian) antiques, lacquered walls, geometric and grass-cloth wallpapers, punchy colour, layered textures, fabrics, mirror, lucite, rock crystal, malachite, lapis lazuli, sisal and mixed metals!  Our country home is a modern glass farmhouse, soothingly monochromatic (gray, taupe, black & white), focusing on the views and being enveloped in nature. The furnishings are a unexpected mix of rustic, modern and sculptural (think African, Asian, Dutch, French, Italian). Comfort and family-friendly are always front and centre in my design thinking.


What current trends are you embracing?

I am loving exotic skins right now. I have designed a line of bespoke furniture which is wrapped in boldly hued ostrich leather and trimmed in brass or silver, some with mirrored accents. Very glam! Each piece is made-to-order and comes in 15 different colours.


What are your design pet peeves?

Incorrectly scaled furniture and rugs. Cringe.


Best advice you ever received about designing?

The best projects are based on trust, respect and listening.


Who inspires you?

Mother Nature is my first and foremost inspiration. My goal is to bring the outdoors inside, to look at how light changes the space throughout the day and each season. Traveling is my #1 passion, so I am often inspired by different countries and cultures, landscapes, and finds that I bring back and layer into my designs.


What is on your nightstand?

My ipad, reading glasses, and a water glass which sits on a treasured German hand-painted porcelain tray inherited from my husband’s grandmother.


Potted Boxwood…

Triggers fond memories I have as a little girl, running through my grandparents’ boxwood-hedged garden in Washington, D.C. That earthy, fresh, damp scent is unforgettable. It is a symbol to me of enduring chic, just like my grandmother who had a passionate eye for art, architecture, design and beauty in nature. Perfectly manicured and lush, boxwood is a classic staple to any entry or gracious garden.


Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 6


The living room with subtle hues of blues. I love the approachability of this room, it has such a serene atmosphere.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 12


A more gracefully vivacious living area. How incredible is the contrast of the walls and the pale pink curtains. The coffee table is such a star!

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 8


The robin’s egg blue bar stools are a nice addition of color to this kitchen of dark wood and white contrast.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 11


I adore this light fixture and the banquet seating. It really gives a chance for Hepfer to infuse pattern into the room.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 9

Can this be my room?? I am serious. There is one lucky little girl who gets to “go to her room” everyday. What shade do I even call this? A soft french blue fabric makes the perfect canopy and shade. Notice the light, almost linen blue, on the walls. A pleasing contrast in a heavenly bedroom.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 3

A bold array of red and pattern in this light-filled bedroom of facing twins.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 4

A well appointed bathroom. Notice the exceptional cabinetry and the stunning black trim on the roman shade.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 7


A sophisticated blue-gray makes for a soft, yet formal master retreat. It looks so plush and relaxing!

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 10

Divine details in the finish-out of this bathroom.  I adore the scone and generous use of hardware.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 5

The indoors are brought outdoors on this spacious porch living area. I wish more people would use rugs outdoors, it takes the space to a whole new living area.

Anne Hepfer Toronto Project_TPB 13

Designer Anne Hepfer.