Sitting At A Bistro

French bistro chairs are the ideal addition to any breakfast nook or countertop. It is the one chair that can insert pattern and texture, while being versatile and extremely functional. French bistro chairs can come in a plethora of colors and find homes around table tops of modern design or traditional interiors. I like them as chairs, but I LOVE them as bar stools. Their patterns vary, as well as their finishes. They are comfortable and clean easily.

I would buy some bar stools in a heart beat, I just need to wait for a certain pug puppy to calm her cravings….Like This

I must say, these are pretty good copy cats.



Bistro Chairs 1

A great white kitchen with black and white pattern bistro chairs.

Bistro Chairs 2

What are your thoughts on purple?? Not for everyone, but it sure adds a punch of color to this breakfast table.

Bistro Chairs 3

Blue on blue in this breezy breakfast area. Via Luxe Magazine

Bistro Chairs 4

Well fabulous! Blue and white chairs combined with a fantastic light fixture. Via House Beautiful 

Bistro Chairs 5

I never see bistro chairs with cushions  (I think they are comfortable enough). I guess if you like extra comfort and want to add some more pattern, why not add it?

Bistro Chairs_The Everyday Home

This dining area looks so fresh in hues of blue and white.

Bistro Chairs 6

Again, bistro chairs with cushions.  No one chair has looked the same so far!

Bistro Chairs 8

I am obsessed with the pattern on these bar stools. Notice how they continued them with the dining area beyond the kitchen.

Bistro Chairs 9

A great color and pattern on the chairs in this dining area. Via House Beautiful 

Bistro Chairs 10

Why not add some red! How wonderfully chic does it look when you mix and match all of those patterns?!

Bistro Chairs 11

Another great use of bistro bar stools.

Bistro chairs via Decor Pad

Notice the contrasting chair at the head of the table mixed in with the bistro chairs. A green combination of blues and greens.

Bistro Chairs via Style Me Pretty

The black looks pretty stellar at this small table area.

Bistro Chairs via Elle Decor

I have always loved the look of this kitchen.  Via Elle Decor