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Driving through Dallas the other day, I noticed an exceptional home built by a renown architect that was for sale. I became absolutely giddy with excitement, the outside had beautiful boxwoods, both potted and planted, as well as an exterior setting that would make anyone automatically take out their check book and three mortgages. I quickly drove home and googled the listing. There it was! The exterior of the home in all it’s glory! Sadly, the next picture and every one that followed were of a hideously decorated interior.

Has this ever happened to you?  A home that is perfectly appointed on the outside fails to maintain that same beauty on the inside (happens in people too). Despite the name of my blog, I have focused a great deal on the significance of the interior of a home. Today, I want to explore how beautiful the grounds of a home can be. The exterior presentation of a home should be as equally as important as the interior, regardless of how much land you possess. A landscape with tiered hedges and sharp lines can be a beautiful investment. Plus, I am positive that this type of hedge fund will show glorious growth over time.

“Love Thy Neighbor, Yet Don’t Pull Down Your Hedge”

– Benjamin Franklin


Blair Atholl Bathurst

I think Ben was spot on. Who needs neighbors with these glorious hedges? The garden of the Blair Athol Residence in Bathurst, Australia. Photo source: Garden Drum

Boxwood Garden and Bench

No place perfects the hedge quite like the Hamptons.  Such an elegant design. Photo: The Enchanted Home

Boxwood Garden by Nigel Slater

Beautiful squared hedges line a gravel pathway in this lush garden designed by Dan Pearson. Photo source: The Guardian

Fact: American Boxwood tends to grow tall (Perimeter) . English Boxwood tends to grow shorter and wider (Gardens & Pathways).


Boxwood Garden via Bungalow Classic Tumblr

Boxwood heaven, in all shapes and sizes. I don’t discriminate! Photo source: Bungalow Classic

Boxwood Hedges and Lavender

A lovely lavender center among the boxwood hedges. Photo source: Google Images

Boxwood Hedges by a Dutch Garden Company

High hedges created by a dutch landscape architecture firm. The high green walls make you feel as if you are entering another room.

Boxwood Hedges via HB

Barbara Barry created this green masterpiece. Love all the difference in height and shape. Photo source: House Beautiful 

Boxwood Hedges via M Pression

The precision makes it perfect. Photo source: M Pression

Boxwood Hedges via Modern VInagta Blog

A sweet garden. I’ll take that house too! How divine are those blue shutters?! Photo source: Modern Vintage Blog 

Boxwood Hedges via The Enchanted Home

This garden seems so shaded for a hot summer day. Stately and classic. Photo source: The Enchanted Home

Boxwood Steps

Step right up on these boxwood lined steps. I think this would look great for a more modern house.

Boxwood via Pinterest

I couldn’t even imagine the maintenance that would be required for this garden. Worth every penny. Photo source: Pinterest

Caroline Scheufele Garden via Veranda

I can just picture my little pug roaming around (who am I kidding- eating) the manicured grounds designed by Jacques Wirtz on Caroline Scheufele’s (Chopard) Swiss estate. Photo source: Veranda

Château de Marqueyssac via Flickr

Chateau de Marqueyssac holds an almost artistic implementation of boxwood in it’s garden. Photo source: Flickr

Cloud Boxwood Hedging by Belgian garden designer Jacques Wirtz's

A walk in the valley of boxwood. Exceptional cloud boxwoods by the renown landscape architect Jaques Wirtz

Daniel Romualdez Connecticut Home via Vogue

A flawless boxwood and hornbeam garden at Daniel Romualdez’s Connecticut home. Photo source: Vogue

Grounds of Ginny Magher's Farmhouse

The beautiful stone walkway of Genny Magher’s Provence farmhouse. Photo source: House & Garden UK

Lanscape Architect Danny McNair

Landscape architect Danny McNair created this lovely two tiered hedge-lined brick pathway. Ideal.

Lonny Magazine Haedges

Lush green boxwood hedges and cypress trees outside of Kelly Wearstler’s home. Delicate flowers line the tiered hedges. Photo source: Lonny

Ned Lambton's Tuscan Villa via AD

Cypress trees add height and texture to the low lying boxwoods at Ned Lambton’s Tuscan Estate. How incredible are the boxwood spheres coming out of the hedges? Swoon! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Perfectly Shaped Boxwoods by Orlando Greener

Simple symmetry. Photo source: Pinterest

Thomas Pheasent In Southhampton via Veranda

A pathway to heaven at this Southampton cottage. Abundant white hydrangeas add a nice contrast to the boxwood hedges. Photo source: Veranda

Tory Burch's Southampton Home via Vogue

Perry Gulliot designed this classic backyard landscape at Tory Burch’s Southampton home. Photo source: Vogue

Wollerton Olfd Hall Garden

This picture at Wollerton Old Hall Garden just brings me to a peaceful state of mind. I hope your Wednesday brings you plenty of peace as well!

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