The Mostess For The Hostess

Hosting guests in your home is not something that is ever considered an easy task. Guests can alter your sleeping patterns, eating preferences, and daily routine in various ways. For these very reasons, it is important than when you are invited as a guest into someone’s home that you demonstrate proper appreciation and gratitude. The best way to ensure a pleasant start to your stay and a return invitation is with the ideal hostess gift.

When you go to visit someone, the length of your stay should depend on the length of your travel and your familiarity with the host. My best advice is to know your hosts so you can cater the gift to their interests. While spending $100 on a hostess gift may not be in everyone’s budget, just keep in mind that you may be more apt to be invited back after giving something memorable and remarkable over something generic.

Here are some fun ideas! Happy Hosting!

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Rox by CJ Designs Luxury Gem Boxes

These are my new obsessions! Custom made boxes by a design duo out of New York and Dallas called ROX by CJ Designs. Hand-crafted with an excellent eye for detail. Truly a statement gift. Currently Available at Amen Wardy in Aspen, Current Home in NYC, and Lagoon Linens in New York.

ROX by CJ Designs Gem Napkin Ring Holders

Here are the napkin rings custom-made by ROX by CJ Designs. How perfect would these be along with a set of napkins for a gift? More of this brand to come at the end of the month. Some of their line will be launching at Neiman Marcus mid-September. Stay tuned!

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quadrille-green-grey patterncasablanca-sahara-dot-blue. pattern

I love how these napkins are designed and packaged. Napkins are also very lightweight to pack!

Monogram Napkins at Madison

Why not add a personal touch to your gift with monogram napkins. Always appreciated and never out of style! Madison Dallas

Custom Map of City

A hostess gift the whole family would love! Order a custom map of a hometown, state, or region. Clever and definitely unique. National Geographic




Ralph Lauren Bryce Bamboo Frame  Kate Spade Picture Frame

Everyone appreciates a nice picture frame. These by Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade can go in any style home.

In the Spirit of Aspen Coffee Table Book

A coffee table book is a questionable choice since it can be very heavy in a suitcase and take up weight. However, I don’t mind packing them since that spot will leave room for any new shopping or extra load I may carry home! Assouline

Luxe Travel Guides

If you know your host is about to go on a trip, see if there is a LUXE city guide available for that destination. I don’t leave home without one! Also, they are light weight and very appreciated. LUXE

Leopard Jay Strongwater wine stopperJat Strongwater Zebra Wine Stopper

How sharp are these Jay Strongwater wine stoppers? They may be small, but they make such a statement and would be perfect for the ultimate entertainer.

Joe's Stone Crab


Chances are that your host treated you to some nice meals, so why not reciprocate. Renown restaurants can send food all across the U.S. If you are from Florida, you can send Joe’s Stone Crab.

Goody's Pecan Pie

If you are from Texas, you can send Goode’s Pecan Pie. It comes in this chic wooden box and is very nicely packaged. Not to mention, it is EXCELLENT! Goode’s


Michael Aram Cheese Tray

This Michael Aram cheese tray can fit flat in your suitcase and presents as a thoughtful gift. Michael Aram


LAFCO Beach House Candle LAFCO Lake House

LAFCO Mountain House LAFCO Ski House

LAFCO makes the ideal hostess gift. Their candles are named after different home types like “Lake House,” “Beach House,” “Mountain House,” and “Ski Home.” If you are off to visit any one of them, grab a candle. Also, the candles are made in beautiful Italian glass that can be washed and used for pencils or cotton balls.

Nivem Morgan Hand SoapNiven Morgan Hand Soap Gift Set

It is always nice to have fresh soap in the house. I am currently loving the new Lavender Mint Hand Soap by Niven Morgan.

Jonathan Adler Toulous Playing Card Set

I recently just gave this set of Toulouse Playing Cards by Jonathan Adler to my hostess on vacation. We played cards every night and the box looked amazing on a side vignette!