Home at Last


The more and more homes I have toured throughout my journey with The Potted Boxwood, I have noticed one thing that truly makes a home stand out- wonderful architecture. When it comes to naming the best architects of our generation, Gil Schafer is a name you will hear time and again. Gil’s name is synonymous with timeless elegance and overwhelming character. 

My personal testament of a good architect is imagining a home without a drop of decor and asking myself if it would still be beautiful. I have yet to find that not the case with any of Gil’s work. That is why it is such a treat that he has come out with a new book, Home at Last. I am thrilled to provide you a glimpse of it today. Be sure to snag a copy for your collection, as it is a visual feast for the eyes that you will refer to time and again for inspiration. 


you can purchase a copy here

photography by Eric Piasecki