Iron Horse

So, I officially found a new place to live! It is funny how a new place makes you want almost all new furniture. On my list of “musts” includes a new sofa, armchairs, table top, curtains, light fixtures, skirted bedside tables…..and importantly, a new bed. My current headboard is great for a guest room, but not for the bedroom I have designed in my head. I am really really conflicted on whether I want an upholstered headboard or simply take another route. I am seriously tempted by heading in the direction of iron.

Now, I am open to any and all opinions about iron headboards. Seriously, please comment and guide me in this big decision! I honestly never thought I would even look twice at an iron headboard, but more and more images have recently drawn me into the idea. I think iron adds a dimension of texture and contrast to fluffy white bedding (yes, sheets really should be white…). Here are just a few of the images that have inspired me to get into the heavy metal.

Iron bed with lots of light via Veranda

Lots of light and iron. Via Veranda

Gorgeous white iron bedroom

Sweet neutrality and iron details. I like the mix of upholstery and iron.

Green and white bedroom via Elle Decor

My favorite palette of blues and greens. Via Elle Decor

Iron bed with fireplace

A spacious and wonderfully appointed master bedroom with lots of iron detail. Via AD

Green chinoiserie bedroom via Elle Decor

One of my favorite bedrooms. Bold and beautiful. Via Ele DecorIron and upholstered bedroom via Elle Decor

Suzanne Rheinstein double beds. A classic and timeless appointed bedroom. Via Elle Decor

Miles Red iron bed in chinoiserie room

Chinoiserie all day. Miles Redd is the master. Always.

Ikea iron bed via Elle Decor

So apparently this is an Ikea bed. Yes, you heard me right. I need to find this asap! Via Elle Decor

Iron Bedroom via AD

Simple sophistication. Everything a bedroom should be. Casually comfortable and chic. Via AD

Michael S Smith Iron Bed display

Sleek iron, wood, and neutral linens against a detailed mural wall.

Michael S Smith Iron bedroom

Michael S. Smith does an excellent job with iron beds. Really, he gets the aesthetic so well. I love how the iron mixes so beautifully with the upholstery.

Michael S Smith Iron bedroom with canopy

A serene setting that is plush and traditionally designed.

Miles Red Iron Bed

Oh hello Mr. Redd. He also knows how to do a perfect iron bedroom in wonderfully wallpapered rooms. Via Elle Decor