It’s My Party…

This week I should be celebrating my upcoming birthday, but instead I am feeling like my flu shot failed me. Since tomorrow is a day of celebration, I thought I would share one of my favorite birthday parties that was featured in Vogue. Hamish Bowles is a name synonymous with style, so it is no surprise that his birthday would be the chicest of them all.

The Great Gatsby celebration included guests from the elegance of Marina Rust to the island style of India Hicks to the fashion icon Tory Burch. Of course, when Anna Wintour is the host you can be certain that no detail will be left undone. From macaroons passed on fine china to a tented dinner under the sky, beauty was truly everywhere. The long day of celebration at the Long Island estate was surely an unforgettable party, as every birthday should be.

Aren’t birthdays fun? Even if getting older isn’t…

With late dinners this week, TPB will be back here Monday! I have some presents to open and an apparent flu to fight.

Pictures of Hamish Bowles 50th Birthday are via Vogue.

Anna Wintours Invitation to Hamish Bowles 50th Birthday

Simple invitations are always best. PS: That fabric on the chair…In love!!!

Beautifully displayed macaroons for the party via Vogue

Macaroons on beautiful china and serving trays.

Place setting at Hamish Bowles Birthday

I love how this isn’t overly formal or forced. A casual and relaxed setting with different heights for vases.

Table placesetting for Hmaish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

A luncheon tablescape. Flowers, branches. and shades of blue.

The Long Island Estate of the Party

The Long Island estate.

Hamish Bowles with his portait

The man of the hour, Hamish Bowles with a portrait by Hugo Guinness.

Oscar de la Renta at Hamish Bowles Birthday via Vogue

Oscar de la Renta walking though the garden. May he rest In Peace.

H cake display for Hmaish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

H croquembouche cake in honor of “H”amish.

Tory Burch and Marina Rust among the guest at Haish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

Ivana Lowell, Tory Burch, Marina Rust, Ian Connor, and Bill Ford among some of the most stylish guests.

Evening gathering for Hamish Bowles 50th Birthday via Vogue

More beautiful people. You can just tell the atmosphere was enchanting.

Tented dinner for Hamish Bowles 50th brithday via Vogue

A picture perfect birthday soiree.