Ivy League

I’ve decided on a name. If, and this is a very big IF, I were to get another dog (pug) I would name her Ivy. I am a bit obsessed with the name actually. I would even feel confident naming a little human that. Could you imagine two pugs named Emmie and Ivie (I would do the “ie” to be consistent). My only hesitation is that the dog could be crazier than Emmie. I already have my hands full with her OCD, digestively sensitive, crazy self. While a pup named Ivie would be cute, I’ll have to take the Ivy that grows so beautifully as a plant in the meantime.

I’ve posted, photographed, and talked about how much I love climbing ivy. There really is nothing more beautiful than outdoor spaces in walls of green. I’ve rounded up a few new images that give off the exact vibe I am feeling for every outdoor space. Basically, who needs paint when you have ivy?

So you know that bare wall you have? Go cover it in ivy!

Ivy covered walls via Style At Home

Ivy covered patio. Nothing looks better (though it does show dirt), than black and white patio furniture. Via Style At Home

Ivy covered courtyard via thedesignfiles

So incredibly enchanting. Via The Design Files


Brick and Ivy go hand in hand. Via Pinterest

Gorgeous Ivy covered pool area via prepaganda

Chic ivy covered pool area. Via Prepaganda

Gorgeous neoclassical home via Significant Homes

Gorgeous neoclassical home with boxwood, white flowers, and ivy. Via Significant Homes

Ivy and boxwood via Veranda

Boxwood and Ivy. Via Veranda

Climbing Ivy and blue shutters

Blue shutters, pea gravel, and lovely espalier. Via Pinterest

Ivy garden pathway via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

From the steps to the archway, green is king. Via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles

Ivy and white shutters via Luxefinds

White shutters and doors look so fresh against brick. Via Luxe Finds

Ivy covered modern home via Elle Decor

A more modern take on ivy and boxwood. Via Elle Decor

Ivy covered wall via Cote de Texas

So beyond enchanting. It reminds me of a The Secret Garden whenever I see a door on an ivy covered wall. Via Cote de Texas

Ivy covered with black shutters via Pinterest

Not sure about the sides of the house, but I will definitely take what is in the middle. Via Pinterest

Ivy entry via Marshalls Abroad

Yes, please. #WhiteandGreen Via Marshalls Abroad