Let Me Take A Shelfie

Charlotte Moss via Veranda

living area of Charlotte Moss via Veranda

I was talking to my friend Sara in Atlanta this past weekend, and she was having a bit of a bookshelf dilemma. Her living room has a whole wall of built in shelving in an open floor plan. There was definitely a need for some color.  Without painting all the shelves or the entire room, she decided to paint the back of her shelves a really soft pretty blue. It was just the perfect pop needed. But then came the big question- how should shelves be styled?

Do you create your shelves for the ultimate “shelfie,” or do you simply just use books- plus a few framed photos and vases here and there? Is there such a thing as an over styled shelf? I would have to say Yes. It can be overwhelming looking at a shelf that is comprised of about 6 different vignettes. Then again, they can be a great way to enhance the personality of a room with personal mementos. Whatever way you shelfie, I think you will find some inspiration below.


J Randall Powers via AD

library by J Randall Powers via AD


Deidre Heekin via House Beautifulbar shelf by Deidre Heekin via House Beautiful

Kay Douglass via House Beautiful

a stunning statement of color by Kay Douglass via House Beautiful


Lady Wakefield via House and Garden

Lady Wakefield’s chic shelves via House & Garden UK

Mica Ertegün via AD

a room of shelves by Mica Ertegün via AD


Veere Greeney via Veranda

I love the one open shelf in the sea of books by Veere Greeney via Veranda


Michael S Smith via AD

collected shelves by Michael S. Smith via AD


Suzanne Kassler via Veranda

colorful shelves making a statement by Suzanne Kasler via Veranda


ohn Gordon and his partner, Eleanor O'Keeffe via House and Garden

corner ceramics mixed in a sea of books by John Gordon and his partner, Eleanor O’Keeffe via House & Garden UK

Peter Rogers via House Beautiful

paintings on the shelf, not in the shelf by Peter Rogers via House Beautiful

richard-keith-langham via AD

book collections mixed with an assortment of books by Richard Keith Langham via AD


Peggy and Herschel Post via House and Garden

Peggy and Herschel Post via House and Garden


Sara Gilbane via VerandaSara Gilbane via Veranda

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 4.20.51 PM



Fresh a neutrally blocked books by Haynes Roberts via House & Garden