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This past October, I saw Suzanne Kasler speak at Texas Design Week. She was incredibly gracious and insightful on how the world of design has evolved and what inspired her new book, Sophisticated Simplicity. She talked about how people today want a “foundation of tradition, but not traditional.” I see lots of that here in Dallas and in the fabulous design world of social media.

I was fortunate enough to ask her a few questions about her fantastic new book and gather her opinions on the world of design today. I must say her answer to my last question may be the best to date!


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Where are you from/where do you live currently?

I am from Indianapolis, but have been living in Atlanta for the past twenty years.


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What inspired you to write your new book, Sophisticated Simplicity? 

People often ask me what inspired me to publish my third book…Part of it for me is the value I find in sharing…sharing what, where, and who has been inspiring me…
I share more of my personal story in this book. How my childhood and family shaped me and my career path…and how design is becoming more and more about creating a lifestyle. The title of my new book is Sophisticated Simplicity…which I think is a concept that is really resonating in our world today.


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How would you describe your personal design aesthetic, and how has it evolved over time?

I always look at design as a composition and start with a focus on the architectural envelope. If we can get the architecture right, then it’s less about decorating and more about editing. And then from there, I add layers. I love to have style in my design. I achieve this by incorporating found objects, unique pieces, high and low, and always an element of fashion in the interiors…whether its inspired by a detail I saw on a couture dress, a color, really anything…
I do think that clients today have become more sophisticated with so much access to design and sharing on social media. I think there’s a level of sophistication that our clients come to us with, but they need the sense of simplicity and editing. People today are wanting their interiors more modern, so I have found that they come to me for a more edited approach, and for the sophisticated simplicity that I bring to their home.
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Are there any current trends you are embracing?

The one thing we are seeing is people wanting a more modern look…one way we are achieving this is the use of a lot of modern light fixtures, and using light fixtures as art objects…it can really update a whole space and bring a lot of design to a space.


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Best advice you ever received about designing?

To have a vision and see it through, despite difficult obstacles we may face getting to the finish point…having a strong vision in the beginning is really critical…and staying true to it even when you are questioning along the way

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What is on your nightstand?

Magazines…a beautiful lamp…a pad and pencil to write things down in the middle of the night…and water.
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