Livable Luxury At The Lake

Yesterday I focused on pool houses, and today I am going to focus on one fabulous lake house. There is a theme here of water, maybe because I am seeing so much of it (seriously Dallas, ENOUGH with the rain). Y’all, does the sun even exist anymore?! I digress. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days on a perfectly leveled lake in the sunshine during summer. It’s the kind of water you would want to see every day.

This lake house by Thom Filicia is a very cool space to spend those warm summer days. I love nothing more than a lake house that is laid back and full of an effortless approachability. I feel like houses require a lived-in luxury feel over a trite and predictable decor. From the rope stair handles to the high gloss black plank doors, this home has unexpected touches and casually chic graces. It is the kind of home where living seems easy, and style just flows throughout. Hopefully this Wednesday will feel the same….

Design of this Syracuse lake house is by Thom Filica in House Beautiful.

Thom Filicia Lake House 2

A perfectly understated exterior.

Thom Filicia Lake House 12

I can’t get enough of the rope handle. This house just feels like it was fun to decorate. If you have a lake house, that is it’s purpose after all!

Thom Filicia Lake House 16

A very approachable and inviting entry. It evokes the feeling like you need to leave your shoes at the door…

Thom Filicia Lake House22

Wood beams on the ceiling and a mix of textures and patterns throughout. The black lamp shades bring a sense of sophistication to the room.

Thom Filicia Lake House 7

Again, the elements of black add a sharp sensibility to the home. An exposed bark wall brings it back to nature.

Thom Filicia Lake House

Those black plank style doors really add a playful and relevant element to the house. Notice how there are plenty of exposed natural textures in each room…wood beams, stone, and bark abound.

Thom Filicia Lake House 21

A fantastic hue of blue and blinding white bring a crisp and waterside ambience to the dining area. I love that the wall covering is linen. It softens the contrast.

Thom Filicia Lake House 23

Again. Filicia uses black in the kitchen to add a more polished juxtaposition to the more woodsy and natural textures.

Thom Filicia Lake House 8

Notice the picture on the door, love it. A great way to bend the rules at a vacation home.

Thom Filicia Lake House 3

A well arranged guest room. A true retreat for any lucky visitor.

Thom Filicia Lake House 10

The master bedroom with softer hues and an open entry into the bathroom.

Thom Filicia Lake House 9

A fantastic boathouse ideal for entertaining and spending summer afternoons.

Thom Filicia Lake House 6

A livably luxurious and welcoming lake home.