Moroccan Monday

Recently I have been gravitating towards Moroccan tile and homes that use a bit of Moorish influence in unexpected settings. There is something about the dramatic archways, domes, and courtyards that bring a majestic and exotic ambience to a home. Why not embrace a cultural injection of architecturally interesting design components. It is always easy to play it safe with what you love, but don’t be afraid to add some extra spice into a space.

Moroccan Influence in a Couryard

A beautiful pooled courtyard. I love how the Moroccan tile frames the lower half of the wall and is used with the checkerboard tile.

Moroccan Influence 2 via Elle Decor

Intriguing Moroccan glass doors. Architecturally interesting and subtly feminine. Via Elle Decor

Moroccan Influence 3 via AD

Pops of pink garden stools against periwinkle walls. Fabulous Moorish arches. Via AD

Moroccan Archways 

Phenomenal blues and splash of natural greens in this Moroccan inspired pool area.

Moroccan Influence

A perfectly relaxing courtyard area. I love the door and frame!

Moroccan Influence by Katie Ridder via Elle Decor

Katie Ridder’s more modern take on Moroccan blue tile. Via Elle Decor

Moroccan Influence 2 via AD

A fantastic inner courtyard. I love the use of foliage, like a magical escape. Via AD

Moroccan Influence in this pool by Kirsten Kelli

The pool area of Kelli Ford’s Dallas residence. I love the Morroccan fixtures.

Moroccan Influence of Mirrors via AD

Moorish mirrored stars perfectly painted a patina jade.

Moroccan Influence via AD

A bedroom full of green Moroccan flair and lattice work. Via AD

Moroccan Influence via Elle Decor

Morrocan black shutters against a perfectly white oasis. Via Elle Decor

Moroccan Influence via House Beautiful

Love this Moorish influenced bar backsplash. Via House Beautiful.

Moroccan Influenced Courtyard

I feel Morroccan influence looks its most stunning in courtyard settings.

Moroccan Tile Fireplace via House Beautiful

A ridiculously chic blue and white fireplace area. Via House Beautiful

Moroccan Tile Influence

See, Moorish influence doesn’t have to be over the top. It can be perfectly subtle and the right amount of spice.