Television Season

TV season is back in action. Whether it is your latest episode of Real Housewives (What is the deal with Brooks, y’all?) or if you are a football fanatic, the television is not something you can really escape these days. TVs aren’t always pretty, but their placement is necessary in the home. Sadly, TV rooms tend to look tacky over tasteful. Why should they? As I have posted before, TVs can be chic. If you use the right placement in your place of entertainment, a TV can be barely visible or visibly chic. So why argue over this or that to watch, just look at these pretty entertainment rooms and you will be certain to tune in to the right station.


Chic TV room

Splashes of emerald green. Notice how this TV is just casually set to the side. TVs don’t have to be a room’s focal point.

Ecelectic TV room

A perfectly textured, paletted, and inviting oasis to watch your favorite shows.

TV room via Elle Decor

An office, den, or living room? No matter what the choice, the TV in this space makes it multi-functional. Via Elle Decor

Gallery Wall of TV

Deep colors and gallery walls make the ideal TV backdrop. Via Lonny

TV room

I am obsessed with the built-ins involved in this television space. So casually appointed, yet so meticulously outfitted.

TV room via Elle Decor 2

A bit of red lined bookshelves and an Asian inspired light fixture. Via Elle Decor

TV room via AD

A light infused and casual living room space. Via AD

TV room via AD 3

I love all the elements of this room which is part television room, part game room, part man cave, part casual living space. Via AD

TV via tranditional home

Notice the infused use of red in the bookshelves? In a way, it keeps a uniformed appeal, but it also has an intriguing sophistication.

TV room via AD 4

A serene television space with blue and white and marble accents. Via AD

TV room via Elle Decor 4

All the movies and books you need combined with TV. Via Elle Decor

TV room with blue ottomans

A very chic use of blue tufted ottomans and white wood work. Via Traditional Home

TV room via AD 2

A sleek TV room retreat. Via AD

TV room via Elle Decor 3

Blues and grays make a serene TV retreat. Via Elle Decor