Pumpkin Spice

Are you ready for Fall? Dallas recently just got its first “cold” front. Basically, the humidity went low and the temperature dived down into the upper 60’s! This was all the spark I needed to get in full pumpkin and holiday mode. While I go back and forth between Spring and Fall being my favorite seasons, there is something so invigorating about crisp weather, light sweaters, and rich colors. These changes don’t just regard your wardrobe, they involve home items too! Change your linen blanket to a softer cashmere, switch your flowery candles to a heavier scent, and add some holiday flavor to your decor.

While I could list off a million pumpkin flavored, pumpkin spiced, pumpkin themed items, I want to share with you only things that I have personally stamped with my approval. You never want to recommend a bad doctor to a friend, so why would I share with you something that I don’t value and enjoy!?

Happy Fall Y’all.


Dr. Delphimium custom arranged pumkins

A Dallas florist staple. Dr. Delphinium makes the most incredible pumpkin arrangements. Preserved flowers top white, orange, and green pumpkin. They can be small enough to give a teacher, keep on your desk, or large make a tabletop statement. These are my Fall MUSTS!

Dana Manhke Indigo Home Chinoiserie Pumpkin

A beautiful blue and white chinoiserie pumpkin by the always talented Dana Mahnke! Get yours ASAP (I just ordered mine yesterday). Available on Shop Indigo Home

Dana Manhke Indigo Home Brown Pumkin

Dana also makes Brown and white chinoiserie pumpkins. So incredibly chic and classic. Available on Shop Indigo Home

Pumpkin Chai Nest Candles

The Nest Pumpkin Chai Candle. This is the scent in Fall. There is NO better scent that puts you in the mood for the changing season.  Dallas had a shortage last year, so don’t be too late!

Hot Skwash Pumkins at NM

Velvet pumpkins are a nice touch of texture and a great (and less tacky) way to add some holidays indoors. Available at Neiman Marcus

Le Creuset Pumkin Dutch Oven

A Le Crueset dutch oven perfect for pumpkin soup or any Fall flavored dish.

Ballard Designs Stone Pumpkins

Ballard Designs has created these stone pumpkins that are  durable for the outdoors and can be used Fall after Fall. I also like how you could probably even use them as planters or put in some dried flowers.

Leaf Napkin rings from Wisteria

Golden leaf napkin rings. A perfectly subtle tabletop addition. Wisteria

Mulling Spices from Williams Sonoma

Mulling spices are my favorite Fall incorporation for apple cider. The smell alone is worth the purchase. Williams Sonoma