On The Gallery Wall

Artwork often lives up to it’s namesake for plenty of homeowners. It can be hard work to find the right art for a space. Very large pieces of nice art can be incredibly pricey, but not filling the wall appropriately can make a space look incomplete. “Gallery Wall” is often a buzzword used in decorating these days. The perfectly placed collection of prints, photos, and art can make a room look collected, polished, and visually appealing.

The best part about gallery walls is that they can be arranged in frames of different sizes and colors with one filled with a fine piece of art, while the other is a favorite photo. It is also important to realize that the symmetry of the wall does NOT have to be perfect. However, some gallery walls can look awkward and misplaced. Below, I have links to helpful advice for arranging your gallery walls that can save you the headache of several holes in the walls (I am talking from experience). Following, I’ve included beautiful arrangements of gallery walls to inspire.

Rue Magazine Tips for Gallery Walls

Apartment Therapy Tips for Gallery Walls

Lauren Conrad Tips for Gallery Walls

Gallery Wall with Leopard Sofa by Charles Spada via Vernada

A beautiful light gray wall with moldings provides the perfect backdrop for this gallery wall by Charles Spada featured in Veranda.

A very gorgeous gallery wall in dining room via Mark D SIkes

A large collection of bird prints serve as a wallpaper-like gallery wall in this dining room. I love how they took them all the way to the top of the wall. Photo source: Mark D. Sikes

Miles Redd Gallery Wall via AD

This gallery wall by Miles Redd perfectly proves my theory that not all frames need to be the same size, shape, or texture. Mix the big with the small and the drawings with the paintings. Have fun, buy what you love, and it will all work! Photo source: Architectural Digest

Ashley Whitaker Framed Prints via Elle Decor

This delicate wallpaper softens the arrangement of floral prints in this dining room. I always try to have at least two rows of three frames to really make the gallery collection look complete. Photo source: Pinterest

Gallery Wall Advice from Milly De Cabrol via HB

Botanical Prints in a dining room by Richard Hallberg via Veranda

This neutral dining room by Richard Hallberg relies on the green in the botanical prints to bring this room to life. There is the perfect amount of space between the frames. Photo source: Veranda

Framed Shell Silverstein Poems via Pinterest

An incredibly precious display of Shel SIlverstein poems framed in a child’s room. This could be done with pages of any children’s book. Photo source: 6th Street Design School

Book Shelf and Gallery Wall via Official Knife

I’m not risky enough to do this myself, but how interesting is it to see these shelves essentially framing each piece of art. What a statement! Also- love the potted tree indoors! Photo source: Official Knife

Phoebe Howard Gallery Wall of Family Photos

If these stairs weren’t stained black and the walls weren’t painted white, I would not be as crazy about this collection of personal photos. However, Phoebe Howard knows best! I love the black and white photos in the black and white frames. Looks chic, yet personal.

Alexandra Angle Quote Via House Beautiful

Charlotte Moss Gallery Wall

Charlotte Moss doesn’t focus on perfect symmetry with her collection of art, yet her study looks sophisticated and timelessly together.

Gallery Wall of Maps via Elle Decor

Now this is a fantastic wall! Maps make excellent art, especially this collection that covers the entire wall. I believe the reason this looks so solid is due to the placement of maps from the bottom of the floor to the top of the ceiling. Photo source: Elle Decor

Sunburst Mirror in Gallery Wall via Atlanta Home Magazine

The sunburst mirror provides a focal point for this gallery wall between bookshelves. Classic and fresh. Photo source: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Magazine

J Randall Powers Mirror Quote

Charlotts Moss Gallery Wall Above Fireplace

Mirrors above a fireplace not only make a room look bigger, but they are great solutions when lacking an expensive piece of art. Since the mirror is on a smaller scale than the mantel, the prints are crucial in filling the space. Design and source: Charlotte Moss

Dark Room with Gallery Wall via Lonny

This dark paint allows each piece on the gallery wall to pop in contrast. I especially appreciate how they used two works of the same artist next to each other, and then mixed the art all around them. Photo source: Lonny

Framed Prints above a bed via savvy home blog

A collection of prints are the perfect solution above a bed, especially a canopy bed! It wouldn’t work with the space empty, and one piece of art would be too trite! Photo source: Savvy Home Blog

Rob Southern Quote via House Beautiful

Gallery Wall by Bunny Williams

The candelabra sconces add such a nice element to this gallery wall in a formal living room designed by Bunny WIlliams.

Serena and Lily Store

While this is in the Serena and Lily store, it provides a great guide for dressing the walls of an L shaped room/sofa.

Gallery Wall in a dressing room via Pinterest

A perfect placement of drawings on de Gournay wallpaper in Danielle Rollins’ dressing room in her Atlanta home (her home is called Boxwood by the way- deserves a post of it’s own!). This is an ideal way to hang frames when you have an uneven number of artwork. Design by Miles Redd Photo source: Town & Country

Ann WOlf Quote Via Houes Beautiful

Jan Showers places prints on both sides of the mirror

This room designed by Jan Showers is clean and refined with it’s symmetry, neutral tones, and hints of color.

Gallery Wall via Lonny Magazine by Celerie Kemble

Call me unsentimental, but I have never been a fan of family photos on the walls. I have seen it done right on occasion, but I believe that picture frames are made for photos and walls are made for art. Celerie Kemble gives a fun exception to my snobby rule (at least I admit it!)  in this hallway with black and white ticking wallpaper. The red frames are uniquely arranged in a cluster at the end of the hall- fun and fresh! Photo source: Lonny

Gallery Wall via La Dolce Vita Blog

I love this room with it’s interesting sconces and gold frames to the ceiling. It’s fun and modern with many timeless elements. Photo source: La Dolce Vita